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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 12 January

Week In Review ~ 12 January

by , January 12, 2014

The holidays are over, it’s back to work and you might be feeling the January blues. Don’t worry though, we’ve got something that will take care of that. Getting stuck into an assortment of awesome carry in our first Week In Review of 2014 is just the thing to lift your spirits…

Dopp kit with a difference

Week In Review ~ 12 January

Dopp kits are a good way to keep the likes of toiletries and other small items in one place during your travels but many of the designs could do better when it comes to quickly and easily accessing the contents. The Lay-n-Go Traveler aims to make access as simple as possible with a drawstring design that allows the pouch to lay flat so there’s no need to waste time rummaging around in a small bag trying to locate even smaller items.

A climbing pack that’s stuffed full of versatile features

Patagonia’s 35-liter Ascensionist Pack is designed as a climbing backpack but it’s reasonably priced and full of nifty features that make it a handy option for general outdoor or travel use. The video above provides a nice overview of the pack and might inspire a few ideas for your personal use. Plus if the orange isn’t your style, you can pick one up in grey too.

A cycling backpack that doesn’t let wet weather rain on your parade

Week In Review ~ 12 January

Whether you commute to work by bike or cycle for leisure purposes you’ll need something to carry your bits and pieces in and if you haven’t come across Velo Transit’s Edge 40 Backpack yet it’s well worth checking out. The pack offers a streamlined silhouette with a sternum strap and waist belt to help the pack comfortably hug the body. There’s a selection of exterior pockets for organization, plus you can take comfort in the knowledge that if the rain starts belting down and you arrive at your destination looking like a drenched rat, at least the pack’s contents will be dry thanks to its waterproof construction.

Lightweight carry that can get you out of a luggage jam

Week In Review ~ 12 January

Half the battle with carry-on luggage is finding something that’s large enough for your carry needs but light enough that it doesn’t significantly detract from your allowed carry-on weight. Enter Mountain Hardwear’s Lightweight Expedition Duffel which comes in four sizes, the lightest of which weighs just 15 oz or 420g with a 30-liter volume. If you don’t want to use the duffel for your primary carry-on, it also conveniently packs into itself, providing a compact form that can be stowed in your check-in luggage or in your carry-on in case you need it during your journey or for use as a day bag at your destination.

Keeper of the keys

Week In Review ~ 12 January

Ah, keys…an important but potentially frustrating part of EDC. Keys can be vicious little creatures. They’ve got teeth and they know how to use them, scratching anything they come into contact with. However, the IPPINKA Key Keeper keeps these tiny terrors in check, essentially serving as a silicon sleeve that covers the key whilst not in use and then slides back as you insert the key into a keyhole.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.