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SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World


SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

by , February 16, 2023

The need for digital privacy is greater than ever. With highly connected devices being a critical part of our everyday lives, our digital footprint is everywhere, often for others to find, collect, or sell. The security experts at SLNT advocate for the consumer, and with their new E3 Faraday collection they’re delivering a full solution for everyday carry.

E3 – Everything, Everywhere, Everyday

These are the three tenets of the collection; the frame of mind the designers at SLNT put themselves in. What good is security, of any sort, if you can’t take it with you? Or even worse – if you don’t want to take it with you? The E3 Faraday bags bring utility and security in a stylish, modern silhouette that you’ll actually want to carry.

Mobile Privacy

The E3 collection consists of a backpack, a tote, and a crossbody sling. These bags work with you rather than against you – the security tech never gets in your way. Even better is that they work well together. Each bag contains one, or more, patented Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage. While the tech is fancy, in practice, these act just like normal tech sleeves. These sleeves are sized for your laptop, phone, or keys, and block everything from cell, wifi, and bluetooth, to GPS, RFID, and EMF radiation. In more fringe scenarios, the Silent Pockets even protect your devices against EMP. Each sleeve is attached to its respective bag with Fidlock Snap fasteners which makes them easy to take with you, without the bag if you so desire. In some cases, you may even just wish to free up some space in your bag and go Faraday-free for a time being.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

Why is this tech important? Well, that’s up to you, and how important your digital privacy is to your everyday life, or while on the road. As SLNT cheekily puts it, “Your phone is a little snitch.” Unless you’ve turned off very specific settings on your devices (and even then), information like your GPS location can become common knowledge, shared to numerous applications on your phone, that are constantly transmitting this data back home. It’s annoying at best, and potentially nefarious. Thankfully SLNT has options for your lifestyle.

Considered Carry

The SLNT E3 collection singles itself out in a big way, by focusing on intuitive, stylish, high quality design. These aren’t just mobile faraday cages, they’re softgoods that make sense for our everyday lives, and they don’t scream “steal me”. SLNT has taken an eco-friendly approach by utilizing Challenge Sailcloth’s ECOPAK line of fabrics, which as our readers know is 100% recycled. SLNT even breaks down how many water bottles were utilized in the creation of each pack; 10 for the Backpack, 7 for the Tote, and 4 for the Crossbody. Challenge’s ECOPAK makes each of these bags slick and urban-forward, tied together with very subtle branding thanks to the blackout logo.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

The Backpack is the flagship product of this collection, and rightfully so. At a very conservative 23L it’s worthy for both your EDC and travel needs. It has roughly 12 different pockets and sleeves between its exterior, front organizer panel, main interior (which comes with a packing cube!), and rear laptop compartment. Nothing feels forced – some security focused backpacks often sacrifice usability, which is not the case with E3 collection.

All of the expected furnishings are here; admin panels, tech sleeves, and a water bottle pocket, but there’s more to crafting a backpack. The handles on the side as well as the top are well placed and comfortable to grab on to – we love a side handle. And most importantly, the harness is supple and comfortable when loaded up with tech. Thanks to the waterproof ECOPAK and water resistant zippers, your gear will be safe from both the elements and the digital world.

The real magic of the E3 collection is, as you may have expected, in the Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage. The Backpack has two; one for a 16” laptop in the rear compartment and one for a phone or your keys in the front. Both of these feel and act just like a normal sleeve or pocket, which is important. They’re also easily removable to throw in another bag, use on their own, or to not use at all if the day calls for it.

Totes are very on trend in the everyday carry world nowadays and for good reason. They’re easy to grab and take with you without much, if any, fuss, and they blend in in any environment, whether it be the cafe or the office. So it’s nice to see the 17L Tote as part of the lineup, especially as a convertible, which really expands its utility.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

The convertible functionality on the Tote is quite ingenuous, even relative to other similar bags on the market. Enough so that I couldn’t find the tote handles at first, and was left wondering how to carry it. The tote handles don’t fold, or even zip away. They slip between the exterior and interior shells, hidden by a magnetic strip when stowed. It’s the coolest way I’ve seen of doing this so far. The backpack straps simply zip away into the backpanel and stay out of the way when not in use. In tote mode, the handles are long enough for shoulder or side carry, without the need for a dedicated shoulder strap.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

The Tote’s organization is similar to the Backpack, with a matching front panel, and interior pockets for smaller items. There’s also a water bottle sleeve on the interior, so it stays secure instead of bouncing around inside of the bag. Last but not least is obviously the Silent Pocket® which in this case is sized for a 14” laptop, and uses the same removable Fidlock attachment system we’re now familiar with.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

No collection is complete without a sling, and the Crossbody Organizer might be the most useful of the entire bunch, since it’s so portable, multi-functional and easy to use in conjunction with either of the other bags. It’s best described by its name, since it’s both a Crossbody and an Organizer.  At 5L it’s great for more than just a pocket dump and will easily hold extras like a point-and-shoot, a power brick and cable, as well as essentials like your earbuds, phone, and wallet.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

SLNT has taken the origami-organization approach with the interior, which gives easier access and more dialed pocketing. It’s also much more akin to a tech pouch than a typical sling. There’s a center zip pocket, a few mesh slip pockets, various pen sleeves, and of course, the ever important Silent Pocket® for your phone, which is removable. The Crossbody Organizer’s party trick; turning into a dedicated organizer pouch, makes it so you’ll take it anywhere. Stuff your gear inside, throw it in your bag, and when you get where you’re going slip the strap out and you’ve got a great, secure sling for around town.

SLNT Delivers Peace of Mind for the Modern World

Go Well. Go SLNT.

This phrase is woven on the label inside of every bag. SLNT truly delivers on the “Go Well”, focusing on three tenants of wellness in this case; privacy and security, health and wellness, and the environment. The E3 Faraday collection keeps your private information secure, and encourages you to spend less time on your screen with the use of their Silent Pocket®, all while lessening your impact on the environment by delivering durable goods made from eco-friendly materials.

The E3 Faraday collection is available now for purchase directly from SLNT at $330 for the Backpack, $220 for the Tote, and $150 for the Crossbody Organizer.

This is a #curatedsponsor article from our friends at SLNT.


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