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Chrome | Carry Retailers

by , July 22, 2011

This isn’t a surprise really, we all know Chrome sell bags, but the other day I got to swing past their flagship store in San Francisco. It’s pretty neat, so thought I’d shoot a few (below average shots) of the place and show you round.

It’s a pretty rad set up. You can see the store from about 500 feet away with Chrome’s flagship color – Red – quite prominent on the outside pillars/walls, and of course a large Chrome display on the front window. Inside there is the Chrome Custom set up where you can walk in and kick start your own bag making career – colors permitting 🙂

There’s an amazing mural?, not sure what to call it, but Chrome pulled together what looks like about a zillion rims and made a feature out of it that hangs from the roof – pretty neat. There’s a cool looking section devoted to the Salvage Bags collection they released a while ago. You buy one and you get to put you autograph up on the board.

Overall the store is nice. It’s got a welcoming feel to it, more then enough Chrome product to make even the newest of newbies start dribbling with excitement. And the biggest thing? I loved the DIY feel to it, from the little pieces of wood that have the products description on it to the large rim feature everything has a personal touch to it. There’s no cookie cutter vibe in here. It’s all real.

If you get the chance, we def recommend checking it out. How to get there.

And if you want to peek a whole bunch of more photos, head over to our Flickr page to view the whole set. We didn’t want you scrolling for three days to get thru them all here.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.