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MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs


MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

by , August 24, 2023

Here at Carryology we love to wax-poetic about one-bag-travel. Though, let’s be honest, we know that’s not always possible, especially for the wide variety of adventures our readers embark on; whether it’s heading to the Antarctic, sailing around the world, or just a vacation with your kids in tow. For these times we need something a little different. Something that we may have to check at the airport, safely. Something that may get strapped to the top of a Range Rover in the middle of a storm. For every one of these situations, MEC has us covered.

If you’re not familiar, Mountain Equipment Company, or MEC, are a Canadian darling brand that has been outfitting adventurers and travelers alike for over 50 years. They’ve built quite the reputation for making thoroughly field-tested gear that excels in the value department.

Outside of their wide range of outdoor equipment, MEC organizes events, workshops, and courses to educate and inspire outdoor enthusiasts while supporting environmental initiatives, trail maintenance projects, and conservation efforts.

And so when you consider the above, MEC is a brand that deserves a spot on your radar. And with new gear hauling solutions just hitting the market, we thought we’d highlight two quality releases for your consideration.

The Standby Hero

You’ll hear no argument from us that the best way to carry luggage through an airport is on four wheels. You can stack an extra bag on top and roll on through with ease, without breaking a sweat. The MEC Boundary Hardcase Roller 100L provides a cavernous amount of space for all of your (or your family’s) gear and then some.

The polycarbonate shell is rugged and provides protection to your belongings as they bounce along the tarmac. Personally, I won’t check soft-sided luggage anymore unless I’m certain there’s nothing breakable inside. With the Boundary Hardcase, you can toss your ski boots and helmet in here, and all sorts of other equipment with peace of mind that it’ll get to your destination safely. If you’re traveling with kids, this is a great way to keep everyone’s gear in one place so mom or dad aren’t struggling through the airport with nine different straps across their body.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

The four swiveling wheels make the whole user experience a breeze. They’re smooth and easy-rolling, and we find that four wheels are almost always better than two for hard-case rollers as they take almost no effort at all to transport.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

The access is gated by two large, locking YKK RC zips, specifically designed for the rough and tumble life of luggage pieces like this one.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

The massive internal capacity of the Boundary Hardcase is managed by two removable inner dividers that match the eye-pleasing blue liner. These let you compartmentalize your gear, and even hold it in place as you open the shell. Each divider has several zippered compartments that are great for small sundries like cables, chargers, or even toiletries. If you plan on packing larger pieces of kit, just snap out the dividers and get on your way.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs
MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

Its rugged durability, impressive storage capacity, smooth maneuverability, secure access, and water-resistant shell make it a standout option for any air-bound adventure. This MEC Hardcase Roller is a trustworthy companion, offering convenience, protection, and peace of mind throughout your travels.

The Adventure Companion

For anything but that commercial air-travel, you’ll always find us reaching for a duffle, and the MEC Outpost 120L is a jack-of-all-trades that will stick with you long and far. Whether you’re heading to the cabin for a few weeks or overlanding with your crew, you’ll have plenty of space for your gear and even some luxuries in a durable, functional, and highly versatile package.

The Outpost consists of two separate fabrics; a rugged, waterproof 1680D polyurethane coated nylon for the base and a 840D nylon of the same makeup for the rest of the shell ensuring it can withstand rough terrain, harsh weather conditions, and hard use. While this duffle itself isn’t submersible, it has no problem sitting in shallow puddles or wet ground for extended periods of time – maybe indefinitely. The top panel itself overhangs the wrap-around zipper which will keep your gear dry in anything short of a monsoon.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

One of our favorite parts about the Outpost are the reinforced handles on three sides, making it really easy to grab or toss from almost any position. They also double as lashing points for vehicles or your favorite pack mule. You’ll also find lashing (and compression) straps on both the front and back sides for extra gear like tripods or yoga mats.

The beefy YKK RC zippers are adorned with super-grippy pulls that are easily usable with gloves for effortless access even under pressure.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

For those on-foot treks to camp or for hands-free use the Outpost also comes with a pair of removable shoulder straps for wear as a backpack. Alternatively, you can hook up one across the opening for use as a shoulder strap. If you don’t need ‘em, just toss them into the bottom of your bag for next time.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

Since this is a true gear hauler, there’s nothing to get in your way on the inside. Whether it’s bulky camping gear or other equipment, the spacious 120L capacity is more than spacious enough for whatever you throw at it. The exterior zippered pocket and internal mesh pockets provide just enough extra organization for smaller items that you don’t want getting lost among the rest of your gear.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

The Outpost Duffle’s durability, generous storage capacity, versatile carrying and lashing options, and weather-resistant design make it a great choice for your next camping trip, or any other outdoor endeavor. It’s a bag you can rely on, keeping your gear protected and easily accessible throughout your journey.

MEC Solves Your Gear Hauling Needs

Also pictured in this editorial is the waterproof Scully Dry Duffle, launching in 2024.

This is a #curatedsponsor article from our friends at MEC.


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