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Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion

by , February 18, 2013

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion

The retail segment of Fashion Carry can be a mixed bag.  One of the main focuses with fashion carry is looks, which are sometimes given a much greater weighting than functionality.  Some fashion bags look amazing but are pretty limited in the practicality department.  On the other hand you can get some real eyesores as well.  Not to mention the price tags can make you wince at times.  However there are some pieces of fashion carry that offer value for money, excellent construction, top-quality materials, killer looks and great functionality.  As with most carry pieces though, unless you’re loaded you’ll probably have to compromise at some point and decide what’s most important to you – price, looks, quality construction, nice materials and/or functionality.

Once you’ve ranked your priorities you get to do the fun part – spend hours pouring over carry retailer websites or walking in bliss around their stores, searching for the bag that’s going to tug on your heart strings.  It’s a fun ride and we’ve picked out some fashion retailers below who can get your journey started…


Blackbird is based in Seattle, with both bricks and mortar stores and an online store.  They ship internationally and offer dopp kits, duffles, totes, messengers and backpacks from brands such as Filson, Vim Beget, Billykirk, as well as their own Blackbird carry offerings.  The Billykirk Padded Laptop Tote below is constructed out of denim and leather, with adjustable handles.

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion


ZOZOTOWN is a Japanese Internet retailer with a huge number of bags on offer in a wide range of styles from clutch bags to rucksacks.  If you’re after some street chic, this Lowpro, Urban Research iD and Porter backpack has it in spades.

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion


BEAMS is a Japanese retailer that started out in fashion but which now is active in a range of categories, from music to cafés.  An impressive number of brands are offered on their website, plus BEAMS designs its own carry gear as well, such as the leather tote below.  There’s a range of styles available, including totes, messengers, backpacks and travel bags to name a few.

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion


Another Japanese retailer with a nice selection of fashion bags is MAPS.  Mainly totes, backpacks and messengers are available through MAPS, including the SLOW rubono shoulder bag below.  A lot of the bags are smart enough to use in a work environment but also stylish enough to transition into leisure time.

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion


SSENSE has a chic collection of carry that spans the categories of wallets, backpacks, totes, duffles, laptop bags, messengers and travel bags.  One such carry offering is the Comme des Garçons Leather iPad Case, which includes an interior iPad pocket, card slots and document pouches.  SSENSE is Canada’s largest online fashion retailer and is based in Montreal.  They ship worldwide, with delivery prices varying according to country.

Carry Retail Segments :: Fashion


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