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Tactica F.100

Illumination Innovated | Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight

by , August 24, 2021

Illumination is a valuable addition to anyone’s EDC setup. But being able to do more with less is also important for keeping your daily carry manageable. So the folks at Tactica got to thinking, why don’t we ask more of the humble flashlight? Can we create a multifunctional design that goes beyond just providing illumination? Can it work in a wide variety of environments? And can you carry it in a way that suits you, rather than having to adapt around it? Turns out, the answer’s yes. Meet the Tactica F.100 everyday flashlight and power bank.

Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight

Charging into innovative illumination

The F.100 doesn’t mess about when it comes to lighting needs. The CREE LED flashlight offers multiple lighting modes, ranging from 1-lumen moonlight mode to an impressive 1000 lumens in turbo mode. So you can easily adapt whether you’re hunting for an item at the bottom of a pack or need to light up a mountain biking trail in the dark.

Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight

But the multifunctional magic kicks in with the addition of a 2600mAh battery. This rechargeable battery doubles as a power bank so you can easily charge your phone and stay connected on the go, wherever you are. You’ll find a USB-C port under the tail cap, which provides a 5V 1A supply to tech devices. The battery features Power Delivery fast-charging technology, allowing you to charge the battery 50% in half an hour with a PD-enabled cable and charger (available as optional add-ons). The battery can also be swapped out so you can adapt the flashlight to various charging requirements.

Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight

Clever carry through magnets

Being able to use a flashlight in multiple ways greatly increases its functionality. And Tactica have gotten very clever with magnets to maximize the usability and portability of the F.100 flashlight. A highly versatile magnetic mounting system lets you quickly secure the flashlight to any steel surface, making it super simple to attach to a fridge, shelving, or any other magnet-friendly surface.

Magnetic holder

The Tactica F.100 also includes a magnetic lanyard, allowing you to connect the flashlight to a belt loop, bag, or even to hang it up for hands-free illumination. The lanyard uses 550 paracord with a magnetic bead and is adjustable so you can slide the lanyard along the body to create directional lighting wherever it’s needed.

Plus, there’s a dedicated cycling option too. A magnetic handlebar mount lets your flashlight becomes a bike light at a moment’s notice.  

Magnetic bike mount

The flat tail cap allows the flashlight to stand up vertically, providing additional lighting versatility. In addition, the lanyard creates an anti-roll design for hassle-free use.

Built for adventure, come rain or shine

The Tactica F.100 is a flashlight designed to go anywhere. Whether you’re commuting in urban settings or taking on outdoor trails or camping weekends. It features a tough yet lightweight aluminum body with a hard-anodized finish. Built to withstand 1m impacts, you can breathe a little easier if you accidentally drop it. And when the elements come calling? You’re all good here too thanks to its IPX6 waterproof rating. So dirt, water, mud, and more are non-issues for this hard-wearing flashlight.

Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight

Multifunctional, adaptable to numerous settings and carry modes, and tough enough for urban and outdoor use alike, the Tactica F.100 offers a whole lot of versatility in a sleek, attractive, EDC-friendly design. If this sounds just right for taking your EDC to the next level, check out the F.100 Kickstarter campaign to secure your own.

Tactica F.100 Everyday Flashlight



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