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best merino tshirts for men 2021

10 Awesome Merino Wool T-Shirts For Men

by , August 25, 2021

Material magic. A fair assessment of merino wool, which offers incredible technical properties in a natural material. The best of both worlds really, and the reason merino wool is so popular across everyday, active, and travel worlds. So why do you want merino in your wardrobe?

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking thanks to its waxy coating known as lanolin. Merino wool wicks moisture away from the skin and is temperature regulating. So it helps keep you cool and dry in warmer settings or during active use, but also keeps you warm in colder settings too. Darn clever stuff. Its natural odor resistance means you can wear merino wool multiple times without needing to wash it; a solid tick for travel clothing and cutting down on laundry time.

Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee

The crimp in merino wool fibers allows this material to trap air, creating good insulation. But it also helps the wool to keep its shape and resist wrinkles. Another plus for travel use and cutting down on ironing.

Merino wool is quick-drying, UV-resistant, and packs down small. An ideal option for one-bag travel where you want to roam light with clothing that will stay fresher for longer, so you can do more and wash less.

And of course, the comfort. In general, merino offers soft next-to-skin comfort, though its feel will vary depending on the merino fibers used. Merino fibers are measured in microns. The lower the micron number is, the more fine the fiber will be. This in turn increases the softness. However, it’s worth noting that the softer merino is, the more it will cost and the less durable it will be. However, this durability is often achieved by blending the merino with other materials such as nylon. This creates pieces that offer merino performance but with added durability for a wider range of uses.

Merino wool blend

Merino’s performance properties make it a no-brainer for adding to your wardrobe. It’s available across numerous pieces, from socks and pants to hoodies and underwear. But t-shirts (the ultimate wardrobe staples) are a fine place to begin your merino wool journey if you’ve never explored this material before. And if you’re already a fan of merino wool, having stylish and functional options to round out your clothing needs is always useful! So with that in mind, we’ve selected what we consider to be awesome merino wool t-shirts for men. Pieces to suit a range of budgets and environments, so you can experience this magic material for yourself…

Smartwool Men’s Merino 150 Base Layer Short Sleeve (from US$37.50)

10 Awesome Merino Wool T-Shirts For Men

Smartwool gets savvy with this versatile all-rounder that’s ready for day-to-day and travel wear alike. It features a blend of 87% merino wool and 13% nylon and is constructed using Core Spun technology. Essentially, merino fibers are wrapped around a nylon core, which increases the fabric’s durability while retaining comfy merino next to your skin. The t-shirt also features flatlock seams for added comfort, along with no shoulder or side seams to enhance freedom of movement. Plus, it’s on sale! So you can snap up a great bargain too.

Duckworth Vapor Tee (US$48.75)

Duckworth Vapor Tee

Venturing into your first merino wool foray and want a functional t-shirt that won’t break the bank? Duckworth’s Vapor Tee is a great option for testing out merino’s excellent properties, while benefiting from all-day, wear-anywhere toughness. The t-shirt uses Duckworth’s proprietary Vapor Wool fabric featuring a blend of 38% Montana Merino Wool, 50% recycled polyester, and 12% Modal (bamboo pulp). The tri-blend fabric gives the t-shirt great durability and makes the tee a go-to option for a variety of active needs.

Ridge Merino Men’s Journey V-Neck Merino Wool T-Shirt (US$54.95)

Ridge Merino Men’s Journey V-Neck Merino Wool T-Shirt

Ridge Merino serves up a tough, versatile piece for work and play with their Journey V-Neck Merino Wool T-Shirt, made from wool sustainably sourced from New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin. The t-shirt uses Ridge’s (m)Force™ technology – ultra-fine 17.5-micron merino wool with a nylon core for increased strength. And the shoulder and neck seams are taped and double-stitched to bump up its durability. The t-shirt offers a slightly slimmer and longer fit and adapts easily to urban and outdoor settings. And with its affordable price tag, you can enjoy merino’s excellent properties while keeping your wallet happy too.

Ridge Merino Men’s Ritual Merino T-Shirt (US$59.95)

Ridge Merino Men’s Ritual Merino T-Shirt

Looking for a merino tee that’s ready for action? The Ritual Merino T-shirt is great for a range of high-output activities, from hiking to running, cycling, and more. Designed to be tough enough to handle active use, but lightweight and comfy, it includes a variety of well-considered seam placements. Firstly, the shoulder seam has been moved forward to increase comfort while wearing a pack. And a large sleeve gusset removes the need for under-arm seams. While flatlock stitching creates flat seams that don’t chafe. It features Ridge’s (m)Force™ technology in a blend of 87% merino wool and 13% nylon and is a great option for more intense activities.

Chrome Industries Merino Short Sleeve Tee (US$60)

Chrome Industries Merino Short Sleeve Tee

Chrome Industries created the Merino Short Sleeve Tee to help you conquer a variety of active and more laid-back environments. The tee features a 65% merino wool and 35% poly blend to create a piece that’s tough enough for the daily ride, comfortable for all-day wear, and machine washable. The tee offers a classic fit with a touch of logo reflectivity and is a solid wardrobe staple.

Editor’s Pick

Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee (US$72)

Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee

Seventy-two hours. One t-shirt. Challenge accepted by Proof, who created the 72-Hour Merino Tee as a do-it-all adventure tee. Cut with a very nice tailor-like fit, it looks good dressed up or down and holds its color well. It features 87% 16.5-micron wool sustainably sourced from New Zealand blended with 13% nylon, so the tee is hardier than most, and holds its shape, making it perfect for your one bag or capsule wardrobe.

Unbound Merino Merino Wool V-Neck T-Shirt (US$75)

Unbound Merino Merino Wool V-Neck T-Shirt

From the commute to after-work drinks, or hiking trails to city sightseeing, Unbound Merino’s Merino Wool V-Neck is ready to embrace whatever the day has in store. It features 100% ultra-fine (17.5-micron) merino wool in a classic relaxed fit that also comes in a choice of colorways. The wool itself is sustainably sourced from Australian wool farms that are RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified, so it ensures the welfare of both the sheep and the land (and gives a little peace of mind). The Woolmark® certified merino also boasts WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified production. So you can be confident you’re getting a top-quality, sustainably made product.

Olivers Apparel Convoy Tee (US$78)

Olivers Apparel Convoy Tee

The Convoy Tee is designed to be your go-to everyday tee. And with its soft, comfy, and performance-ready construction, you’ll find yourself reaching for this stylish staple for daily wear, gym use, and beyond. It’s made with 18.5-micron 100% Merino Active Jersey. A fabric that’s lightweight, soft against the skin, and adds warmth in colder weather or helps you stay cool when it’s heating up. Plus, with a wide range of colorways available, you’ve got plenty of style options too.

Western Rise StrongCore Merino Tee (US$96)

Western Rise StrongCore Merino Tee

Western Rise have demonstrated their technical clothing expertise time and time again. So when they turn their attention to merino tees, you know it’ll be good. And the StrongCore Merino Tee lives up to high expectations, made with a StrongCore merino jersey fabric that features 18.5-micron merino wool fiber spun around tough and quick-drying nylon fiber. So you get all of merino’s awesome benefits with added durability. Classic style combined with versatility for everyday, travel, and outdoor wear makes this a savvy addition to your wardrobe.

Editor’s Luxe Pick

Outlier Ultrafine Merino Cut One T-Shirt (US$120)

Outlier Ultrafine Merino Cut One T-Shirt

If you’re looking for luxurious merino style, look to the textile experts at Outlier and their Ultrafine Merino Cut One T-Shirt. The 100% merino t-shirt features a 195gsm Mackenzie 17.5-micron Merino Jersey for its stylish drape, enticing feel, and durability. The sustainably sourced Mackenzie Blend fabric is knitted for Outlier by Global Merino and is top capped, indicating the maximum merino fiber thickness that can be included in the fabric, as opposed to an average micron fiber thickness rating used in many merino fabrics. The fabric also has a tight spectrum blend, meaning there is little variance in fiber thickness, which results in a better hand feel. The tee has a classic cut with a straight and long fit and is an adaptable everyday piece you’ll happily reach for again and again.


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