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Db surfboard bag

Db Bring Their Award-Winning Innovation To Surf Bags

by , February 19, 2021

We’ve been fans of Scandinavian brand Db (formerly douchebags) ever since they took the humble ski bag to another level. Since then they’ve moved their way into camera carry, travel bags, and everyday bags, and worked them together to make a seamless system of gear built for adventure. 

Now they’ve turned their attention from the mountains and cities to the water’s edge…

Db bags


Founded in Norway in 2009 (the same year as Carryology!), Db was created by a team of designers and pro athletes. All moving through the world with the same jonesing for wanderlust. They had glaciers to ski. Waves to surf. And, as the story goes, in an emerald bay beneath two peaks, a place to share ideas about how to do it all better. 

Db Shelter

And so with the help and input of many outdoor adventurers, pro athlete friends, their own volition, and even airport baggage handlers, founders Jon and Truls came up with the five pillars that remain critical to every product that they make today:






If you’ve handled a Db bag, you’ll recognize these as the reason you like carrying them! From snowboard and ski bags that roll up to a quarter of their footprint when not in use, to the original hook-up system which allows you to attach luggage together, Db have always been known for their innovation.

Db bags

The Perfect Surf Bags

After ten years of dreams and longing for the perfect surf bags, they’re finally ready to help the water warriors get out there! After building, testing, and refining twelve prototypes in the last two years, Db has created two really damn exceptional surf bags that breathe fresh air into a bag category long stale and basic.

Db Shelter

The Shelter

For the day-trippers, single boarders, this is the bag for you. Fully length adjustable, compressible and only weighing 2.5kg, you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else. This lightweight construction makes it great for daily carry to the waves. But it is also tough enough for travel too. The cinch capability means that whether you’re bringing the fish or the step up, you can adjust accordingly, knowing that it’s safe! No need to worry about a cumbersome carry experience, your board getting damaged, or extra flaps of fabric. The quick and easy length adjustment (5’3″ to 6’4″) means you can make a game-time decision easily! Not only does the cinch capability help protect your board, you’ll also find 10mm PU foam on the top and bottom, and 2mm EVA padding at the nose and tail, giving you extra peace of mind, particularly when traveling.

Db Shelter

The panel construction makes this super easy to fold up when not in use and stash away quickly. The external pocket is Goldilocks sized, allowing you to store any extra fins, fin keys, wax, or other accessories comfortably. U.S. Open Champ Sage Erickson describes the Shelter as perfect for “those smaller trips.” It’s also made from 100% recycled 600D polyester with a PU face coating, which is good to know that you are contributing to keeping the ocean a healthier place!

The Bunker

“It’s not just a surf bag, it’s surf luggage,” says surfer Jordy Smith who helped Db create this new line. Designed for the adventures where you need to bring it all, the Bunker has you covered. With the ability to hold 3 or 4 (6’6″) boards, but still only weighing in at 6.5kg, this is another example of high-quality innovation from the team at Db. The Rib Cage Technology™ means that all of your boards will remain safe from harm, without the extra weight. Add in some 10mm PU foam on the deck and base, 15mm padding on the nose and tail, and 20mm padding on the side walls and there is a good chance your boards will arrive at your destination in better condition than you!

Db Bunker

Once you do arrive, you can unpack both your boards and your clothes (thanks to the pre-shaped pack bags at nose and tail) and roll up the Bunker to either stick under your bed, in a closet, or just out of the way. The Bunker includes board separators to keep the wax in the right places, which also double as changing mats. With Db’s hook-up system, you can easily transport the Bunker by attaching it to any other Db luggage you have with you, which makes navigating your travel much simpler. In the same vein as the Shelter, this too is constructed with the environment in mind, made from 100% recycled 600D polyester, with 900D for the reinforced areas.

Db Bunker Board Bag

With the Db line, you can see why they are favorites of outdoor folk. The devil is in the detail when it comes to travel. And most of us have our own nuances regarding how we travel, pack, and make our luggage work for us. With this new surf line, Db has taken the irritation out of traveling with gear; the Shelter and the Bunker are designed to work for you. Getting to your destination, local or otherwise, with your gear is easier, less tiresome, and more comfortable than before. Now, you can head out into the surf worry-free.

Db Bunker

This article was sponsored by the fine folks at Db.

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