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Carryology x Frank Clegg project

by , September 14, 2012

Carryology x Frank Clegg project

At Carryology, we think work and play are merging. Rather than having one set of clothes and tools for work and a different set for activity and play, we just want awesome stuff that can present well at a mega work presentation or alternatively get flung in the sand as you crash at a beach pad.

As the carry world slowly explores this way of thinking, we thought it could be fun to give it a shove. Enter Frank Clegg. Frank makes some pretty incredible leather carry gear. He conceives, designs, prototypes and then puts together carry pieces that you’ll be passing down to your kids. So we got talking, and Frank suggested we set him a brief from which he could see if we can evolve something rad together.

Holy cow yes please!!!!!

Rather than keeping it all hidden until a grand unveiling at the end, we want to document the process and encourage input and ideas along the way. So here’s the first post, where we try to set the brief. We’ve brainstormed two bags that we’d love to see. Depending on feedback and what Frank likes the sound of, we’ll probably then just pick one to charge ahead with.

Carryology x Frank Clegg project

So, the briefs…

1. Casual meets professional shoulder bag

If it’s nice enough weather we’ll ride to work. If it’s terrible, we’ll jump on a train (so the bag only has to be light-drizzleproof, but it has to ride well enough, with something like a 60% work and 40% play focus).

When we get to work, we’ll pitch to a new customer, jump between meetings, smash some computer time, then leave early for some drinks at the park (it should look sharp, but not too formal).

We do overnight work trips frequently enough, go away for little surf or snow weekends where we take work with us, and generally try to be all creative professional and sufficiently stylish (we’d love it to deal with a change of clothes and carry lots of our work toys and sunglasses).

The insight (why is it needed?):

Bags that look great in an office full of suits are generally hard to get active with (such as when riding a bike).

The look:

Pay respect to tradition, but don’t get trapped by it. Use modern craft and insights.

Perfectly normal proportions are often forgettable. Sometimes stretching something just a touch adds freshness.

A football field of leather can feel overdone. Keep this in mind when designing. 🙂


– Fragile stuff such as a phone, camera and sunglasses needs to be high up, separated, and protected well enough.

– External pockets are for things you reach for on the move.

– Internal pockets are for things you need at your destination. Internal pockets should be easy enough to see into (so you’re not searching for ‘that thing’), and make the most of those voids on the internal sides of satchels/messengers.

– Shoulder strap needs to be nailed. Quick to tighten, comfortable, stable on a bike. It should not be an afterthought. A grab handle is also REALLY useful.

– Linings should be delightful, and light enough in tone that you can see objects in there.

– Metal zips should not lead into pockets in which you put fragile stuff (like phones, glasses, etc).


Carryology x Frank Clegg project

2. Casual weekender for work or play trip

A weekender is all about casual style. If we’re going to fork out for a nice weekender, it also needs to be versatile, as one or two weekend retreat trips a year does not justify a bag purchase.

We’d like to use it for work and play trips, have it just squeeze into carry-on luggage, and it should handle different load sizes (a winter weekend is different to a summer weekend).

It also needs to carry in a few different ways, as sometimes you’re lugging other items to the car, sometimes you’re tramping down an old snow track, and other times you’re trying to look like Steve McQueen.

The insight:

  • Casual style shouldn’t mean an inflexible bag. Keep this versatile enough.

The look:

  • Rad. Just rad. Make it rad.
  • Okay, okay, so it’s a weekender, not a business trip bag. Give us some of the versatility of a good business trip bag (a wardrobe away from home), but all the romance and style of a weekender.


  • It needs to collapse well enough for storage, it needs a robust underside so you’re not worried about throwing it down in sand or snow, and it needs at least a little organizing inside.
  • It should deal well with some books, an iPad, a dopp kit, shoes and a folded shirt and jacket.
  • We don’t like hunting for things at the bottom of a narrow-opening bag.
  • Wheeled sandwich construction bags seem to work better than simple duffels when on the road.


Carryology x Frank Clegg project

So now that you’ve had the opportunity to fully absorb the awesomeness of a Carryology/Frank Clegg collaboration (we’ve absorbed it and we’re still bouncing off the walls), we’d love to get your feedback, insights, general comments and the like. After all, this is a community of carry fans so who better to get views and suggestions from? We hope you guys are as excited about this as we are and we’re looking forward to your comments!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.