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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 15 September

by , September 16, 2012

Welcome to the Week In Review where we have a pretty varied selection of highlights on offer. Seeking a leather messenger for school (or other use)? Interested in seeing what awesome industrial designers get up to? Tired of your beautifully ironed suit jacket always looking like it got stampeded on whenever you travel with it? Perhaps you’re curious to see what Property Of have been getting up to or maybe you are keen to test your creative carry hack skills. If so, look no further…

Shouldering the school run

Week In Review ~ 15 September

You may have read our Back To School Bags post which featured suggestions for school backpacks but if messengers are more your thing then you can check out this list of 10 leather laptop messengers/satchels that might have something which catches your eye.

Shining the spotlight: Taylor Welden

Week In Review ~ 15 September
We were super-stoked to hear that Core77 shone the spotlight on one of our contributors, Taylor Welden (but with his mad skills it’s not hard to see why). You can view his awesome industrial designs for yourself here.
Slick suit skills
Week In Review ~ 15 September
It’s time to step back from the mode of carry to the carry items themselves, specifically how to prepare such an item for transport. Suit jackets are a bit of an anomaly – they’re pretty much a requirement in many Western business environments and formal occasions; however, given half a chance, they excel at wrinkling themselves so transporting one can be rather tricky. This handy guide on how to fold a suit jacket for travel could be the difference between looking sharp and sophisticated and looking like you’ve slept in your suit to save time in the morning before that big meeting or the hung-over rush to get the groom to the church.
Bagging some new carry
Week In Review ~ 15 September
If the encroaching colder weather is getting you down, there’s nothing like a new bag to lift the spirits. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection from Property Of… is now available in suitably autumnal grays, browns and blues. The collection includes the likes of backpacks, iPad covers, messengers and totes.
Welcoming a carry hack into the fold

Think you’re pretty handy with your…well…hands? Keen for a carry hack challenge that incorporates the art of origami? The video above demonstrates how to make a rad Tyvek origami wallet (though you can use normal paper if you can’t get hold of Tyvek, it just won’t last as long). Alternatively you might come up with something else to use. Either way, a cool little wallet – plus, super thin, and you know how we love reducing that pocket bulge.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.