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A short break.

by , November 18, 2013


I’ll cut straight to the point – things haven’t been great between us lately. I’ve become inconsistent, unable to help you find what you need, and generally am distant from our relationship. This isn’t fair on you as you put in everything you can to make it work between us.

It’s not you, it’s me. You deserve better and should be getting better. It’s on me to get better – not you – so with that in mind, I think we need a short break. I feel it would be best if I took this week off and we aim to met again on Monday (25th Nov). Trust me, when you see me next Monday you will see a new me, a refreshed me. I intend to spend the next week making the required changes to ensure our happiness together. When I return I’ll be doing things that will blow your mind, things you probably thought I’d never be up for, things dreams are made of….

A week is quick, and we can get through this if we support each other. With that in mind, I’d like to ask one thing from you… In the week away, focus on the kids. The kids need our support during this down time. Look at their photos below to remind yourself how important they are to us.

Pinny is the youngest and probably needs us to just look at images to keep her going. Don’t stress on Insti too much – he’s just out partying and taking selfies (sigh) every other day to impress the ladies. Facey and Twit on the other hand will be need a lot of attention, as they’re older and can probably sense what’s happening. It’s on us to make sure all our kids are looked after. I am hoping you guys can keep appearances up and visit them from time to time this week.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. Please stay safe while we’re apart this week and don’t do anything rash. I will back looking better than ever next Monday. Thanks for your understanding and patience, and remember it’s not you, it’s me and it’s something I need to do.

With Love


Carryology xx

The Kids.













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