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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 16 November

by , November 17, 2013

We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend but to make it even better we’ve lined up a selection of eye-catching minimalist wallets and a messenger full of stealthy street style for your perusing pleasure. Plus we lighten the load when it comes to frustrating packing with some very helpful travel tips for packing light…

Card carry for masters of efficient EDC

Week In Review ~ 16 November

Super sleek and chic, the Miansai Cardholder is for folks who relish the challenge of bare-bones EDC. Turn back now if you just can’t bring yourself to part with old receipts and store cards that you haven’t used in six months but have to have on you (and go here first). This handmade Italian leather cardholder has five slots which suffice for cards as well as folded bill carry if you’re ruthlessly efficient. Perhaps you may even experience an efficient EDC endorphin surge that inspires you to take things to the next level – using only one side.

A wallet that takes note of varied EDC needs


Gone are the days when carrying a pen, notebook, cards and cash required at least a small bag (or lots of pockets). Items have shrunk and carry creators have gotten crafty, producing pieces such as the Architect’s Wallet by form•function•form. This wallet includes a Fisher Space Pen and a compact Moleskine Volant notebook, with enough space to hold up to 13 cards in addition to folded bills. The minimalist design is small enough to fit into the front pocket of a pair of jeans, plus with everything kept together in an easily grabbable form there’s no need to do the personal pat-down dance while trying to remember where you stashed things.

Y-3 gets the message across for rugged street style


Boasting a bagful of attention-grabbing Japanese street style, the Y-3 Messenger Bag 2 stems from a creative collaboration between adidas and the award-winning Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. The messenger is constructed from CORDURA® Ballistic and UltraLite fabrics with leather trim, with aesthetic tweaks that give it a slicker appearance than many standard messenger designs.

A simple and stylish solution to dirty clothes carry


There’s nothing quite like inhaling the scent of dodgy foot odor on your previously pristine shirt – until you discover that your trousers have generously shared their muddy smears with your shirt too. Keeping dirty clothes and clean clothes separate during your travels is a task that requires planning. You could use plastic bags to separate items but it’s not the most attractive solution. Outlier’s Doublebag on the other hand won’t look out of place in your case, whether you’re traveling for business or fun. It’s proven pretty popular as it’s sold out on Outlier’s online shop so if you’re keen to snag one right now a bit of searching will be required. Essentially it’s two bags in one, with a movable central divider. The Doublebag opens on both ends, so you can start with clean clothes on one side and then transfer dirty clothes to the other side. As a bonus, the bag is handy for carting all your stuff to a laundromat if you need to use one during your travels.

Nuggets of gold for staying light on your feet

pack light

Staying with the packing theme, the holidays are almost upon us and you may be eagerly counting down the days until you can stride out of work, go home and grab your gear and head off to a very happy holiday destination. What will make your holiday even happier is not having to lug around a heavy suitcase. Tortuga has gathered 31 packing tips from travel experts (including our very own Taylor Welden 🙂 ) to help you pack light, whether it’s for business or pleasure purposes.


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