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Trakke Storr Lifstyle

5 Reasons Why You Need to Check out Trakke’s New Collection

by , May 10, 2019

Great design keeps pushing forward, aiming to improve on what’s come before. Not only by changing what doesn’t work so well, but also by making the good even better. And Trakke are a brand constantly embracing that push. Building on their experience, honed skills, learning curves and customer interaction to evolve as a brand and enhance their offerings. Learnings they have applied to their new collection, providing dialed-in redesigns alongside new product launches. Here are five reasons why you should check out their new collection…

A pattern for improved construction

Trakke are a close-knit team that clearly love what they do. And that enjoyment shows through in their commitment to continually improving their craftsmanship. Over the years the Glasgow-based team have honed their skills and improved their production process. The new collection welcomes more complex patterning and improved structures. The bags are handcrafted in a way that maintains their shape even when empty. No unsightly slumping or flattening out here. Simply put, they’re making today what they couldn’t three years ago and that evolution in construction is evident.

Trakke Vorlich

Tougher and more luxurious

After listening to customer feedback, Trakke decided to swap their wet-finish waxed canvas for a heavier weight fluorocarbon-free waxed canvas with a dry finish. This fabric provides enhanced durability while also offering a more luxurious feel. Not to mention that the dry finish is easier to clean. Dirt can be brushed off, so you can worry less about cleaning and embrace those outdoor adventures. Essentially, you’re getting all the benefits of waxed canvas without the waxy feel. The dry-finish waxed canvas also creases less than the original fabric, helping the bags look newer for longer. Additionally, the collection offers more minimalist, subtle branding with black labels on the bags and small pops of orange on the accessories.

Trakke Wee Lug

Easy weather protection

In addition to its hard-wearing durability, waxed canvas is a great fabric choice for providing protection from the elements. But reproofing the fabric is good practice in order to maintain its effective water repellency. And the collection is easily reproofable with a spray you can purchase from Trakke. Straightforward to use, you simply spray the bag where required and leave it to dry overnight. No hard wax or hairdryer required. Reproofing once a year should be sufficient for most bags, though this frequency will depend on individual use and weather conditions. Plus not only do the bags have weatherproof exteriors, but weatherproof linings too for added peace of mind.

wax reproofing spray for bags

Carry with environmental consideration

Trakke have valued sustainable construction from day one and have worked throughout the years to minimize their environmental impact. The more eco-friendly collection transitions from polyester webbing to cotton webbing, removing a significant source of synthetic product from the bags. The collection is almost entirely plastic-free apart from the weatherproof zippers. And the majority of their materials and hardware are sourced in the UK from British manufacturers, supporting local businesses and increasing supply chain transparency.

New-Trakke-Fingal in wilderness

Updated styling and more user-friendly designs

Trakke’s collection features a range of design improvements encompassing access, organization, comfort and versatility. More structured silhouettes up the stylish feel of the bags. And three colorways make up the core range. Black, navy and olive were chosen for their timelessness and ability to adapt to the great outdoors. But guest colors and fabrics will be dropping in to keep the core range fresh. Currently the Cumin colorway is stepping up to shine, bringing a dash of vibrancy to your carry setup.


Delving a little into individual pieces, the Wee Lug gets an organization update with improved interior organization and externally accessible pockets. Paired with the bag’s quick-release strap, you can now get to essentials in a jiffy. The updated design also sits more comfortably on the hip and high on the back, with a grab handle at the ready too.

The redesigned Bairn Mini Messenger takes inspiration from the Bannoch and welcomes a laptop sleeve, grab handle and expanding front pockets.

Trakke Bairn

The Bannoch Backpack is now compatible with Trakke’s padded waist belt, while the Arkaig rejoins the ranks and is a slightly smaller re-release of the original. The Fingal gets the updated treatment too with a laptop sleeve, improved pocketing, enhanced strap comfort and a sleeker silhouette.

Trakke Arkaig

The Storr’s volume has been increased to 35L, with a small front zip pocket added too. The increased capacity makes this a solid one-bag travel companion, and with the ability to attach a Laggan accessory pouch you have modular organization options too. Interior pockets on the flap can be accessed without fully opening the clamshell. Top, bottom and side grab handles enhance maneuverability, and you can pair the pack with an optional padded waist belt for heavier loads.

Trakke Storr

In addition to thoughtful design updates, the collection introduces new pieces such as the Foulden Clamshell Packing Cubes to keep gear tidy on the go, as well as the packable Foulden Tote that’s handy for a grocery shop or storing in your luggage as a day bag. The Vorlich Backpack, Pencil Case and Travel Dopp Kit also join the Trakke family. The Vorlich was inspired by the Óg, which Trakke initially intended to update and re-release. But it developed into its own distinct design ready to conquer wilder terrain. Positioned as an expedition bag, the Vorlich offers rolltop and front access to get to gear throughout the pack.

Trakke Vorlich

Bags for life

Trakke’s new collection is made to get out there and help you carry confidently, whether that’s a commute to work, strolling to the beach, tackling the trails or zipping through airports. Encompassing urban, outdoor, travel and cycling bags and accessories, it’s the kind of gear that caters to your multifaceted lifestyle. Even better, it comes with a generous dose of versatility to move between spheres if it needs to, so you can do more with less. And since their gear is built to last a lifetime, you can enjoy its style, functionality and durability for years of adventure to come.



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