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Stuart and Lau’s Briefcases Just Got Better

by , May 14, 2019

Let’s be honest. A lot of briefcases can be a little, well, lacklustre. Sure, they’ll carry your work supplies. But they don’t elicit any strong emotions from their users. However, Stuart and Lau’s Cary Briefcase is different. Immediately it draws the eye with its suave yet professional aesthetics. A bag that isn’t boring but instead adds a dapper touch to your day. Then to be backed up by premium materials, excellent craftsmanship and a practical design with a range of useful features? What’s not to like? The thing is, why stop with a good thing when you can improve it? So Stuart and Lau didn’t stop. Instead, they got to work on making their award winning briefcases even better…

Stuart & Lau

Sized to suit your needs

You might need to carry a fair amount to work each day. Alternatively, you may commute with a minimalist load. So doesn’t it make sense to have a bag that suits your personal setup? That’s why Stuart and Lau have welcomed a slimmer version of their Cary Briefcase and now offer their renamed briefcase collection in three sizes.

The Cary Briefcase – Slim is a sleek and stylish option for carrying the essentials. The full clamshell design enables easy packing and access, while the slim size also offers weight savings over the two larger sizes. If you like the style and function of an attache case with understated aesthetics and a sophisticated feel, the Cary Briefcase – Slim is a smart choice.

Stuart and Lau’s Briefcases Just Got Better

If you need to carry a little extra, look to the collection’s two larger offerings. The Cary Briefcase – Single and Cary Briefcase – Double both offer an extra two inches of depth over the Slim. These briefcases are the same size but differ in their organization, offering single and dual compartments respectively to suit different setup preferences.

Stuart and Lau Cary Briefcases

Rolling with travel use

If you’re traveling with multiple bags, the ability to secure them together for all-in-one portability makes things a lot easier. Now you can easily attach Stuart and Lau’s briefcases to wheeled luggage courtesy of their add-a-bag sleeve for suitcases. This feature is available on the Cary Briefcase – Single and Cary Briefcase – Double. The sleeve has a hidden opening on the bottom, walled off in a way that prevents items placed in the top from falling through the bottom.

Stuart and Lau

Added packable storage at the ready

Want to make a quick grocery shop after work? Or need more carry space for your travels or a larger work load? Stuart and Lau have designed a packable shopper tote that folds into itself and neatly stores away in a concealed sleeve on the back of the two larger briefcase sizes (note, this feature is not included with the Cary – Slim).

Stuart and Lau Packable Shopper Tote
Stuart and Lau’s Briefcases Just Got Better

The tote is made from lightweight, highly water-resistant nylon and designed with long-lasting quality in mind. So no more need for single-use plastic bags or throwaway travel storage.

Stuart and Lau Packable Shopper Tote

And for added functionality, the concealed sleeve doubles as a water bottle pocket for quick-access storage. The sleeve is also lined with the same water-resistant material as the tote.

Improved internal organization

The briefcases’ interior organization has undergone a revamp, providing slip pockets on one side and two zippered mesh pockets on the opposite side. These changes reflect customer feedback requests, as well as increased efficiency in construction which reduces material waste.

Stuart and Lau Cary Briefcase
Stuart and Lau

Tagging daily and travel practicality

Following customer feedback, Stuart and Lau learned that their luggage tag pen wasn’t really widely used. So they’ve altered the luggage tag with a more universally useful design. A quick-access card slot with a thumb cutout on the back allows you to store a frequently used item such as a metro card or the likes of a name tag or business card. Additionally, if you want to add that personalized touch there’s space on the front for embossing your initials.

Stuart and Lau Luggage Tag
Stuart and Lau

A classy key addition to EDC

Stuart and Lau will also be offering an add-on upgrade for their key fob. A stylish key ring crafted from stainless steel and an attractive leather wrap.

Stuart and Lau

The standalone product pairs well with the magnetic docking tab in the briefcases and will be made in leather colors to match the bags. The key ring comes with an ID tag that can be engraved with contact information or initials.

Stuart & Lau

Stuart and Lau’s collection of updated briefcases are available to pre-order now and will ship on 15 June 2019.

Stuart and Lau Cary Briefcase Slim

This article was published in partnership with our curated sponsor, Stuart and Lau


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