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Carryology readers get 10% off Defy Bags + Announcing the Recon Small

by , September 3, 2012

Hey Carryologists, Chris Tag, owner of Defy Bags, just sent me over a two part email, filled with great news.

First, the announcement of the Recon Small

(you may have seen our previous Road Test review of the Recon Large, which received great marks)…

“The Recon’s finally be reunited with his long lost little brother. Baby bro’s got all the same swagger and stealth Recon skills as his idol, but he does it in a more compact way.

Search the field. Survey the terrain. Or hell, just take it to the corner coffee shop. The Recon small is a suitable tool for any mission. We’re hand-crafting battle deployed M35 military canvas/vinyl truck tarps and mashing them up with 2″ solid steel and brass, imported AustriAlpin Cobra quick release buckles used by U.S. Special Forces.”

“Each tarp is lightly worn and proudly displays a patina that hints at the story of it’s past life. Drop it. Kick it. Or toss it from the cargo hold at 20,000 ft; Recon’s industrial strength stitching and artisan sewn craftsmanship can take it. Take a look inside and you’ll see ample room and a designated section for an 11″ or 13” MacBook Air. And Recon small’s got the same, ideal organization as his big brother under the hood. The Recon mission just got twice the firepower. Seek and destroy indeed. “

Check them out.

We’re into every all of their products, but currently really digging the new Shelter collection.  That is one handsome looking messenger, made from some incredible materials.  Maybe we’ll do a Road Test on one of those bad boys in the future.  Or, maybe you can yourself, via the second bit of news below.

Secondly, as a thank you for the support from the Carryology community…

“Defy would like to offer all Carryologists a special 10% off (anything on the site) thanks for the great support. Please enter “defyfamily” when checking out in the coupon code.”

Nice, thanks Chris!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.