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10 Brands You Need to Know

Brand Radar | 10 Brands You Need to Know

by , February 19, 2024

We’re always combing the world for those stand-out brands, large and small, that bring something unique and special to the game. It might be new innovation, fabric plays, patterning, or an overall vibe that’s fresh and new. So we thought we might share a few brands that have caught our attention and shine a little light on what they’re doing.


British brand ELLIKER creates playful products for enjoying the outdoors. Their pieces draw from clean, classic silhouettes and are focused on giving you what you need for getting into nature, without extraneous details. Committed to sustainability, they make all their gear from 100% recycled polyester and support the East Keswick Wildlife Trust in developing and maintaining wild areas. The brand offers a variety of bag styles including backpacks, slings, totes, bottle bags, and sacoche bags, as well as hats and caps. Inspired by diverse influences, from Japanese forest bathing to birdwatching, foraging, microscopy, and more, ELLIKER is all about embracing and connecting with nature in a variety of ways.

Gear of note:

Kiln Hooded Zip Top Backpack 22L

Carston Tote Bag 13L

Fitts Sling Bag 2L

Fells Crossbody Bag

Kiln Hooded Zip Top Backpack 22L and Carston Tote Bag 13L

Brands you need to know - ELLIKER Fitts Sling Bag

Ciele Athletics

Ciele Athletics is a Canadian sportswear brand that’s expressive with color and pattern, and encourages athletes and adventurers alike to get active through their range of apparel, headwear, and footwear. The Certified B Corporation uses bluesign and recycled materials, sustainable packaging, and Fairtrade-certified manufacturing as part of their responsible business practices. A focus on performance through technical fabrics that provide moisture wicking, temperature regulation, UV protection, and other benefits makes their gear well-suited to aerobic activities such as running. Particularly well-known for their hats, their headwear is popular not just with runners but cyclists too.

Gear of note:


M DLYShort 5″ Long Brief

W FLRJacket – Elite

W DBSShort – Elite

Ciele Athletics W FLRJacket

Brands you need to know - Ciele Athletics M DLYShort 5" Long Brief


Inspired by California’s coastal lifestyle of fitness, surfing, art, and sport, Vuori creates performance apparel for both men and women. Committed to what they call their ‘Investment in Happiness’, the Climate Neutral certified brand focuses on the happiness of their customers, team, and the planet through responsible manufacturing processes, low-carbon materials, and functional products that combine practical performance features with casual urban style and everyday comfort. Their apparel offers performance features such as four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and odor resistance across a variety of pieces, from shorts and pants to long-sleeve tops, hoodies, leggings, and more.

Gear of note:

Daily Legging

Performance Jogger

Meta Pant

Strato Tech Tee

Vuori Daily Legging

Brands you need to know - Vuori Meta Pant and Performance Jogger

Mons Royale

Think Mons Royale, think mountains and merino. Founded in 2009 in New Zealand, Mons Royale creates merino wool clothing designed for high-performance adventure sports such as mountain biking and skiing. The brand encourages people to participate in action and adventure sports not only for their health and well-being benefits but also to foster a love of the environment in which those activities take place, thereby helping to protect the planet too. The brand was founded by Hannah and Hamish Acland, a designer and a pro skier both hailing from High Country farms. Their backgrounds made merino wool (grown in the mountains) a natural material of choice for the brand. Mons Royale partners with New Zealand’s ZQRX Merino, the world’s leading ethical wool brand, and embraces sustainable practices throughout their manufacturing process.

Gear of note:

Bella Merino Air-Con Hood

Olympus Merino LS

Arcadia Merino Fleece Hoody

Decade Merino Fleece Pants

Mons Royale Arcadia Merino Fleece Hoody

Mons Royale Bella Merino Air-Con Hood, Decade Merino Fleece Pants and Olympus Merino LS


When it comes to big sneaker brands, around 70% of the cost is related to advertising. But what if there was a different way to make sneakers? This led to the creation of VEJA. VEJA has been making socially conscious sneakers since 2005, creating kicks that respect the planet and the people who make them. By doing away with advertising, they could put more money into responsible production. Starting from the ground up, they reimagined how a sneaker could be made, prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices every step of the way, from ethically sourced raw materials to socially responsible manufacturing factories. VEJA are B Corp certified and proudly transparent in how they conduct their business practices. The French footwear brand offers a range of sneakers for men, women, and children, in a variety of materials and colorways.

Gear of note:

Rio Branco Alveomesh

Campo ChromeFree Leather

V-12 Leather

Recife ChromeFree Leather

VEJA V-12 Leather

Brands you need to know - Recife ChromeFree Leather


NUPDESIGN was founded by Hayato Yamaguchi in 2021 and is based in Miyagi, Japan. The one-man brand takes inspiration from nature (Nature is Unlimited Play), with Hayato making each product by hand in his home workshop. NUPDESIGN’s gear is designed to transition smoothly from outdoor to casual everyday use, though there is a focus on hiking and bikepacking gear. Products range from waist packs and pouches to packing cubes, bike bags, and wallets.

Gear of note:

Puff Pack

Fanny Pack Boost

Shred Holder

Lite Pack


Brands you need to know - NUPDESIGN Shred Holder

MIYAGEN Trail Engineering

Japanese brand MIYAGEN creates outdoor tools that are designed to be strong and light, helping you go further and explore more on the trails. While MIYAGEN Trail Engineering is the outdoor branch of the brand, its initial history dates back to 1932 with the founding of the Miyagen Shuten liquor store. However, by 2022 the brand’s independent stores had been forced to close due to competition from larger chains and a new outdoor company was launched, MIYAGEN Trail Engineering. Taking its name from Miyagen Shuten and the original liquor store’s founder (Genjuro Miyazaki), MIYAGEN Trail Engineering is operated by a keen hiker and engineer who uses his experience to find top-notch materials and create tools that balance strength and weight for optimal freedom on the trails. Products include a waist pack, backpack, pouch, whistles, and merino wool hoodie, carefully researched and tested for dependable use on the trails.

Gear of note:

Crest 40

Obsi Pack

Long Sleeve Merino Hoodie

MIYAGEN Trail Engineering Crest 40

Brands you need to know - MIYAGEN Trail Engineering Obsi Pack

Bennett Winch

British brand Bennett Winch is a firm proponent of owning less, but better. All of their products are made by hand in England and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Focusing on high quality and timeless designs, their pieces fuse functionality and luxury in one. Premium materials, elegantly clean silhouettes, and practical designs result in pieces you’ll hold on to for many years to come. Bennett Winch offers a range of leather and canvas bags including backpacks, weekenders, garment bags, briefcases, and totes, as well as small leather goods such as wallets, folios, and watch rolls.

Gear of note:

Leather Weekender

S.C Holdall

Triple Watch Roll

Cargo Full Set

Bennett Winch Leather Weekender and S.C Holdall

Brands you need to know - Bennett Winch Triple Watch Roll


TNFH is a project formed in collaboration between The North Face and HYKE. Founded in 2013, Japanese brand HYKE focuses on the concept of heritage and evolution in clothing and their collaborative project combines HYKE’s design style with The North Face’s expertise in product design for trail running. Launching for the 2024 SS season, the project includes pieces such as jackets, a trail running vest, and cap among others.




Can’t find something you want? Make it yourself. An approach adopted by the founders of Canadian brand norda. Having spent their careers in the shoe industry but unable to find the “perfect” trail running shoe, norda’s founders decided to make it themselves. A quest that eventually resulted in the brand’s debut shoe model, the norda 001, offering superior grip with light weight. However, not only did they want to create a better trail running shoe but do so with a commitment to responsible manufacturing too, ultimately helping to protect the natural environment integral to trail running. Part of this approach involved using bio-based Dyneema Fibre®, an exceptionally tough and lightweight material that ensures the shoes last for miles upon miles of demanding use.

Gear of note:

norda 001

norda 001 G+® Spike

Brands you need to know - norda™ 001

norda 001 G+® Spike


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