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5 Minutes with

5 Minutes with Attitude Clothing

5 Minutes with Attitude Clothing

by , July 21, 2014

Italian streetwear brand Attitude Clothing have been on the creative scene for a few years now and are starting to embrace carry. We recently caught up with them to find out what design values they appreciate in their products, which carry creators inspire them and what’s lined up in the pipeline…

1) What key insights drive your stuff?

Attitude has been making clothing since 2011 and it has just entered the world of carry goods. In both cases, there are basically three things that have been driving our work since the beginning:

– Efficiency: As a user I want Attitude products to be functional first, with well thought out features and nothing unnecessary.
– Quality: We handmade almost everything in Italy in small batches. Top choice materials, care for details, tough construction and expert craftmanship have been featured in our garments since day one and our carry items production is led by the same principles.
– “Situational versatility”: I never forget my streetwear heritage, but my goal is to see our products used for a long time while travelling, working, doing sports, both in the streets and in the outdoors. We want our products to be used in any kind of social situation and this can be achieved with a plain, minimalist approach to their aesthetics.

Attitude Clothing Sack Pack

2) Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?

The world of carry goods is really dynamic at the moment. Japanese brands like Fredrik Packers or Beruf with their S Collection, new outdoor names like Boreas, tactical-inspired staples like Goruck or the new brand Able Archer, bicycle-related Mission Workshop, Velo Transit or Road Runner, new-heritage brands Topo Design and Poler Stuff are all doing really good in their field.

I also love Bedouin and Killspencer, these brands are examples of obsession for quality and details.

Attitude Clothing Sack Pack

3) Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

It’s just a matter of personal taste, but I’ve never loved seatbelt buckles on bags!

I particularly love the DSPTCH Slingpack’s pattern, the entire Crafted Goods line, Trakke’s approach to backpacks and everything from Dana Gleason, be it Mystery Ranch or Kletterwerks.

Attitude Clothing Sack Pack

4) What’s next for you guys?

I will keep working on some versatile, technical garments, focusing on outerwear. On the carry side, a rolltop pack will be released in late 2014 for sure. We’re also working on a duffle bag and a small messenger bag, but there’s no release date for these projects yet, since we’re stressing the prototyping process to achieve the best results.

Both on the clothing and on the carry side, we are going to release more web exclusives: cutting out the retailers on those products, we will be able to keep prices lower and use even better materials.

Sack Pack and skateboard

5) What do you carry daily and how?

I’ve been trimming down my EDC for years: now my staples are a Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet (or a Tyvek one I made as a prototype for a future production, when I need to go really light), phone, keys with Keycharger, a Victorinox Alox Solo, Zippo lighter, and a thin, small Muji PE box containing a spare contact lens set and some duct tape patches.

Attitude Clothing

When I carry a backpack, I use my Sack Pack or a Patagonia Black Hole 35L backpack depending on the load. I always carry in my backpack of choice my iPad, water and an old Maxpedition 3×5 pouch packed with a Victorinox Spirit multitool, Fisher Bullet pen, Fenix flashlight, portable battery charger, plug and cables, Tiger Balm and some basic toiletry.

pocket dump 2






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