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New Contributor | Johnson

by , August 17, 2010

New Contributor | Johnson

As the Carryology community grows, we thought it would be nice to start introducing our new contributors. And what better way than to find out what they carry…

Johnson’s Daily Haul

Johnson: When it comes to the weekday grind of heading to and from work, it feels better to have something bigger than what you need, rather than something that will just do the job. Who knows what the day will bring… you could get something in the mail, you may need to swing by the grocery store on the way home, or you might even win the meat tray at your local RSL.

My Chrome Metropolis is what I currently haul to get me through the week. Used daily for work, and every now and then for school, it fits what I need when I need.

I’m usually adding some extras, whether mail and food on the inside, or clips and pouches on the outside. I’m a hoarder, and generally over prepared. So not all items are used daily, but rather are waiting at my disposal for when I do need them.

Everyone has these items, the ones they don’t really need all the time but like to keep handy for that just in case scenario. My main one would be my camera. Have you ever seen something and thought “I wish I had my camera”? My hoarding cuts down on those disappointments.

Daily Haul

Ed’s note: Stay tuned for a full Road Test on this well abused bag. We’ll follow this up with Johnson’s full thoughts.


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