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How does Bear Grylls carry?

by , May 11, 2011

How does Bear Grylls carry?

How does Bear Grylls carry?

Do you watch Man vs Wild? That crazy show following Bear Grylls as he demonstrates to us how to get out of situations that most of us will never find ourselves in (as we’re all too scared and soft to do stuff at his level). But doesn’t it just grab ya and suck you in! Ever wondered what Bear carries all his gear round in?

Stumbling around a site called Outdoor Survival Clothes, we came across the Bear Grylls BearPac 25+, which is the backpack that Bear uses on the show. The pack is a 25 litre rucksack that considering what Bear does with it in comparison to what you’re more then likely to put it through, it’s fair to say it’s going to hold up really well.

The crew over at Outdoor Survival Clothes have a pretty neat little conversation happening about the BearPac 25+ and also the BearPac 35+ (the 35 litre version). Below are a couple of snippets from their conversation re: the BearPac 25+

“It’s designed to be more of a streamlined rucksack then most and main compartment is made with high quality zippers to ensure a trouble free open. Gear loops and a number of side pockets, including a water bottle pocket, will surly keep all your gear secure. You can store maps and a compass in the smaller pockets and maybe a nice warm coat in the main pocket. There is a must have hip belt leading to a soft back support panel which keeps you cool and comfortable. Fabrics for this pac are made from ultra strong 600 denier polyester with heavy-duty tarpaulin trim and a reinforced base.”

Head over to Outdoor Survival Clothes to get involved in the conversation.

How does Bear Grylls carry?


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