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Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program


Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

by , August 22, 2022

Ever since we started this wild ride in 2009, there’s been lots of things to be proud of. But one of the shining lights has been the building of our community. It’s a rare and special group. And over the years, and especially in our Carry Classified group, we’ve witnessed a sharing of knowledge, kindness, generosity, and togetherness happening between Carryologists from around the world, uniting under their passion for Carry and carrying better. 

And so we thought how could we not only reward this positive culture but nurture it too? Helping more folks share and connect and do good in the community.

And what do we all have in common? Well, hunting unicorns, of course… So today we’re starting: The Unicorn Hunters Club. A community initiative to help reward sharing, personal improvement and positive vibes. 

And since morale patches are such a big part of our community, it was the obvious choice as the foundation for this program. And where else do we see patches corresponding to achievements? Personal improvement? Where else are patches correlated with aspirational endeavors? Merit badges, of course! 

Given the concept, a few things needed to be done. First, we needed an artist. Someone talented and respected with serious morale patch credentials. So we hit up all around bad-ass, Patrick Ma, founder of Prometheus Design Werx, to pen the design for us. His designs are iconic in the patch and carry world, so it was a perfect fit. He went to work, riffing on the name of the program, with four different color variations for each merit award, inspired by valuable gemstones.

Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

The concept of the unicorn in our community is a cultural one. In practice it means items which are sought after, potentially being very difficult to obtain. So, as a matter of fact, we’ve got ourselves a community and club of unicorn hunters. 

The end result of all this work was a set of patches, and more importantly, a set of achievements.

Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

Second, we needed to hammer down the size and shape details. Being able to display multiple badges on a standard 2×3” patch panel was important. We found the sweet spot at 2×1.5”. Two patches could sit side by side and still hold an amount of detail we were happy with.

We hit up Greg Li at Suburban who was more than happy to sponsor this program for the community.

Big shoutout to Greg for his support!

Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

Four Custom Patches to Complete the Set

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out four patches and achievements. Each will be different, with varying levels of difficulty, all aimed at improving the Carryology community. Stay tuned for information on how to earn each Unicorn Hunters Club patch as they launch.

Amber – Awarded for photos of the highest caliber, of the highest quality gear.

Jade – Awarded to the best of our community; the shepherds and guides.

Sapphire – Awarded to the knowledge sharers, contributing reviews and editorials.

Amethyst – Awarded to the charitable amongst us, helping those in need.

Earn Your Amber Unicorn Hunters Club Patch Now!

Hop on your social media platform of choice, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or submit via our special form.

Post an awesome flatlay photo of your carry gear.

Tag @carryology, #carryology, and #unicornhuntersclub.

It can be your collection, a bag dump, a pocket dump, packing list, or even a niche loadout unique to you or your line of work.

We’ll choose winners on a quarterly cadence based on quality of the photo, quality of the gear, overall theme, and uniqueness.

Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

Need help or inspiration? Check out some great flatlay tutorials by contributor Bo Ismono and another by one of our favorite edc blogs, everydaycarry.com.

Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program
Unicorn Hunters Club | Community Patch Program

A Few Rules

If you choose to participate, and join the Unicorn Hunters Club, there’s just a few rules we ask you to follow.

1) Individuals can only earn each patch once, unless otherwise noted.

2) Individuals should not sell or trade these patches. If an individual is found selling these patches then that individual may be banned from any further involvement with the Unicorn Hunters Club.

3) We ask that individuals not give these away – they are only earned.

4) All submissions must be authentic. If it is found that an individual has somehow faked their entry, then they’ll be permanently banned from involvement with the Unicorn Hunters Club as well as any and all Carryology related communities and events.


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