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AI-Generated Carry Collabs

17 Amazing AI-Generated Dream Collabs

by , June 22, 2023

Ever imagined what would happen if two particular brands came together? What might their creations look like? Well, we asked our community to dream up their ultimate collaboration projects and fed their ideas into an AI. And the results are awesome. Check them out below…

Issey Miyake x NASA

AI-generated collab: Issey Miyake and NASA

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake was well known for his innovative technology-inspired creations, making a collab with NASA a natural fit.

ACRONYM x rofmia

AI-generated collab: ACRONYM x rofmia

German technical apparel brand ACRONYM and Japanese clothing and carry brand rofmia both share a passion for high-quality, technical construction and modern aesthetics, making a collab a highly intriguing prospect.

Barbour x Trakke

AI collab: Barbour x Trakke

Two British brands known for their love of heritage styles, hard-wearing construction, and modern-day functionality team up in this AI-generated collab.

The Brown Buffalo x Carryology

AI-generated collab: The Brown Buffalo x Carryology

A collab between ourselves and The Brown Buffalo, founded by our good friend Douglas Davidson? Count us in! It might look something just like this…

Dan Matsuda x rofmia

AI-generated collab: Dan Matsuda x rofmia

What would a collaboration between the multitalented Dan Matsuda and rofmia look like? Maybe something just like this backpack, with its clean lines and eye-catching blend of materials.

DIOR x Mystery Ranch

AI collab: Mystery Ranch x Dior

While Mystery Ranch really have done a collab with DIOR, this AI-generated collab provides a fresh take on what the two brands might create together.

EVERGOODS x Mystery Ranch x Crocs

AI-generated collab: Evergoods x Mystery Ranch x Crocs

We’re taking a little sidestep into footwear with this fun AI collab between Mystery Ranch, EVERGOODS, and Crocs. There’s an intriguing urban/outdoor balance here, with nods to technical construction too.


AI-generated collab: Evergoods x Trakke

Bring Trakke and EVERGOODS’ mutual appreciation for durable, practical carry together and you could possibly end up with this clean-looking and tough pack, ready to hop across a variety of carry needs in your day-to-day and weekend explorations.

GORUCK x Filson

GORUCK x Filson AI collaboration

Both known for creating gear with burly construction, high-quality materials, and functional design, GORUCK and Filson could end up delivering a tough and handsome hauler such as this AI collab pack.

Heimplanet x Able Carry

AI-generated collab: Heimplanet x Able Carry

If Heimplanet and Able Carry were to team up, you’re sure to get practical and multifunctional design with quality construction and a carefully considered urban-friendly vibe too. Perhaps something just like this AI collab.

Mercedes-AMG x RIMOWA

AI-generated collab: Mercedes-AMG x RIMOWA

This AI collab between Mercedes-AMG x RIMOWA brings luxury and performance to the fore, with all the premium style and functionality you expect from these two brands.

Mystery Ranch x Ermenegildo Zegna

AI-generated collab: Mystery Ranch x Ermenegildo Zegna

Rugged functionality meets luxury and suave heritage styling in this striking AI collab between Mystery Ranch and Italian luxury fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna.

Mystery Ranch x Kifaru

Mystery Ranch x Kifaru AI collaboration

Both known for their dependable durability and outdoor-ready functionality, Mystery Ranch and Kifaru team up in this AI collab to create a pack that’s ready to roam in wilder terrain.

NASA x The North Face

AI-generated collab: NASA x The North Face

There’s an undeniable sense of adventure, dependability, and a willingness to embrace the unknown with this AI collab. Fitting for a tag-team effort between NASA and The North Face.

Nike ACG x Gucci

AI-generated collab: Nike ACG x Gucci

Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) creates gear designed to tackle all terrains, while Gucci is known for its high-end luxury designs. Bring them together and it could result in something like this AI-generated collab.

The North Face x Arc’teryx

AI-generated collab: Arc'teryx x The North Face

The North Face and Arc’teryx both play in the outdoor and urban spheres. This AI collab offers a touch of both influences, combining urban-friendly aesthetics with nods to outdoor functionality and technical construction.

Prometheus Design Werx x Montblanc

AI-generated collab: Prometheus Design Werx x Montblanc

Outdoor-focused PDW and luxury small goods and carry brand Montblanc may seem like polar opposites but this AI collab shows how well such contrasting brands can come together in a harmonious way.

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