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Valentine’s Day for Carry Geeks

Valentine’s Day for Carry Geeks

by , February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day is a curious thing – of all the specific dates celebrated around the world, this one is particularly gifted at dividing opinions and causing strife. Some people view it as a day where you pay special attention to that special someone, perhaps with a thoughtful gift that demonstrates you know what they really like and appreciate. Others argue that instead of singling out one day, every day should be an opportunity to show people you love them – and that buying gifts at suspiciously inflated prices isn’t going to spread the warm and fuzzy any time soon.

Either way, it’s safe to say that the guiding principle behind Valentine’s Day is celebrating love – and there’s one love we’re all about celebrating: the love of awesome carry. So we’ve put together a little gift guide that will speak to the heart of carry lovers, whether they’re family members, friends or yourself. Yup, there’s no rule saying you can’t get yourself a Valentine’s Day gift – you are meant to love yourself too, after all… 😉

Luxurious leather they’ll fall in love with

If you have a lady in your life who loves classy leather designs, you can’t go wrong with KILLSPENCER’s new Women’s Collection featuring the Soft Tote, Mini Daypack and Structured Tote. For the leather-loving man, stylish new pieces such as the Work Tote, Attaché Briefcase and Utility Pouch 2.0 are sure to impress. Plus if you use the discount code “LOVE2015” you can get 15% off orders costing $150 or more until 15 February 2015.


Something for the weekend

Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend away with your significant other or love the spontaneity of spur-of-the-moment, drop-everything-and-go short getaways, both trips have something in common – the need for a bag you can pack the essentials in that’s not too shabby in the style department either (the versatility to suit a variety of situations is always handy). The QWSTION Weekender is a solid choice thanks to quick access to the main compartment, a selection of pockets for organisation, a variety of colourways to suit individual tastes, plus the ability to carry it as a backpack, on the shoulder or using the grab handles.

QWSTION Weekender

Easy access meets flexible portability

For carry lovers who appreciate quick access to their bag contents but also want a choice of carry options to suit different situations, Alite Designs and Côte&Ciel have both played with the converting-tote format. Alite have shrunk their Bike to the Beach Bag into a more compact form – the appropriately named Mini Bike to the Beach Bag – which can be carried as a tote or a backpack. Côte&Ciel’s signature experimentation with form is present in the Kalix Tote, a bag that takes inspiration from the cocoon of a butterfly and can be carried as a tote or shoulder bag.

Alite Designs Mini Bike to the Beach Bag & Cote et Ciel Kalix Tote

It’s the little things that count

If you want to splash the cash on Valentine’s Day, that’s great. If your budget is more modest, that’s awesome too – there are plenty of useful carry pieces that won’t break the bank. For people who love to keep things organised, the Grid-It Organiser is an inexpensive gift with a multitude of configuration possibilities that will appeal to their sense of ‘Everything has its place…’ Alternatively for someone who loves to be prepared for emergency situations, the Gerber x Bear Grylls Fire Starter will be greeted with warm enthusiasm thanks to its easy-to-use form that includes a whistle, rescue signal instructions and a waterproof compartment for storing dry tinder.

Grid-It Organiser and Gerber x Bear Grylls Fire Starter


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