I tried to post this review to Aer’s official review website but for whatever reason it is never displayed on the site…. go figure.

I bought this gym bag at the beginning of June 2016 and have been using it just about every other day to tote my gym equipment and clothes around for the past few months. I’ve held off writing a review until I had enough time to really put it through its paces.

The Good

-The styling is fantastic, no gaudy branding, just nice simple lines
-Lots of organization:
· I used the clean clothes side to hold my office clothes or clean gym clothes

· Knee wraps, wrist wraps, Inzer weight belt, dip belt, and blender bottle go in the main vented compartment

· iPod, gym lock, inhaler, etc. go in the other big side pocket in one of the smaller mesh interior organizers

· Shoe compartment has plenty of room for my shoes and flip flops

· Wallet, phone, keys, and gym fob go in the external vertical pocket

The Bad

-As someone else mentioned, the handles when not connected can interfere with the zippers of the side pockets
-With some of the items listed above in the main vented pocket, putting shoes back in the shoe compartment can be a little bit of a struggle

The Ugly

-THE PADDED SHOULDER STRAP. This is the one thing that almost makes me want to return the bag. The material is very slippery so the bag either needs to be worn across the opposite shoulder like a messenger bag or just plan on carrying it. I’ve had occasions when carrying the bag on one shoulder, it’ll slip right off and cause me to drop my post-workout shake. If just the removable padded strap could be replaced with something that had something that would actually stay on one’s shoulder it would be a HUGE improvement. This is also an issue with the Sling Pack that I also own.

-The external water bottle pocket is pretty useless. The way it is constructed, it is like a small wedge shape so only small wide bottles tend to fit in it snuggly. My blender bottle keeps threatening to jump out of this pocket the few times I’ve used it. Now it just stays zipped up and unused.

These are just some of the things I noticed about the bag after using for some time. I still use this bag every other day and don’t regret the purchase but I would be nice to see some of these things addressed in future iterations.