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MW’s Amsterdam Outpost :: Shop Visit

by , October 26, 2012

So close, yet so far away. That’s the general idea of most Europeans about Mission Workshop. Of course you can order online, but the taxes and transport costs will add up to 10 to 30% of the costs of the bag.

Little did you know the Netherlands has the only Mission Workshop store outside of San Francisco! Duly noted, MW did some popup stores around the world, which is a great marketing strategy imho. But other than that, Amsterdam’s the place to go for MW fans wanting to get a piece of the pie.

Mission Workshops Amsterdam Outpost is located on the upper floor of Pristine Fixed Gear, a lovely little shop for fixed gear in Amsterdam’s Kinkerstraat. Errr… did we just say lovely? Pristine Fixed Gear is Amsterdam’s centre of the bustling fixed gear scene and heavily involved in Faster Than You Crew, who organize bicycle races and events.

Here are some pics of the Outpost.

  • John

    Is that a prototype/unreleased bag hanging to the left of the MW logo sign in the first image? Looks like a combination R series bag with a messenger.

    • Mr Zing

      You never know what you’re gonna encounter in Amsterdam 😉

  • Leather

    Hey guys,

    Just chiming in with some extra info – we had the gents from MW hit us up about the prototype you’re talkin g about above. What we got from MW ::

    “somehow you man Mr. Zing captured a prototype Arkiv shoulder bag. Figured I would let you know so you could confirm in the commentary, since as far as I know that is the one and only image of that proto out there…. not that I am confirming it’s existence in production form, but you totally caught a skunk works project there.”

    always nice to hear from the brands, great eagle eye John.

  • http://www.sygyzy.com/ David

    Wow, that’s pretty exciting stuff.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.