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Carry Materials II

by , June 30, 2012

For a larger version of the image, click here.

Welcome to the second post in our Carry Materials series.  We gave you an overview of common carry materials in our first post but now it’s time to examine the properties of these materials in a little bit more detail.

So you’ve come across a particular carry item that’s taken your fancy.  It may look awesome but is it going to suit your needs?  Well you can either spend hours researching the materials that your item is comprised of or alternately you could check out the handy image above.  You’ll see that the common carry materials listed offer a variety of different properties, so hopefully this image makes choosing your carry items a lot simpler.  There’s a separate post on air mesh which you may be keen to check out as well (be warned, it isn’t exactly a glowing review).

Now that you’ve got some info on what properties are associated with what materials, the next question is what gives them those properties?  Find out in our next post when we get down to the nitty-gritty of fabric anatomy.

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