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Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

by , June 30, 2012

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

We love checking out exciting new collaborations in the world of carry and there’s no denying the Eastpak x Kenzo Minami collaboration falls into this category (seriously, just look at the bags!).

Whether you’re a globetrotter or after some cool carry that will set you apart in your daily activities, this collab has you covered with the Padded Pak’R backpack and the Transfer S carry-on rollerbag.

Want some bragging rights in your travels, combined with envious looks and offers of obscene amounts of money to stand in your awesome presence?  Well the money isn’t guaranteed but the bragging and looks are, as these carry products are a special release limited to Asia and Australia only, with the Australian launch taking place in early July.  Having said all that we know of two online retailers who will be – Rushfaster – or currently are – Eastpak themselves (which looks to be covering our northern friends)- selling the collection. For those of you not based in these locations, now is the time to get very friendly with that long lost aunt’s second cousin’s nephew’s dog groomer who happens to live in either location.  Then again, perhaps it’s time for a holiday…

Either way, before we dive into the details, we thought some brand history would be perfect right about now.  Kenzo has an impressive design background, making this carry collaboration even more desirable.

Brand Background

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

Originally from Kobe, Japan, Kenzo graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Product Design after majoring in Western Philosophy in Japan. He started out his career as a set designer for TV broadcast networks including MTV and the Sci-Fi Channel, which led him to shoot his own shorts and TV spots. He has also done multiple projects as an interface designer with the M.I.T media lab team.

Apart from his commercial work as an art director/designer, Kenzo is highly sought after for his own paintings and digital art. He was the first artist commissioned to do a mural painting for Nike’s art project space in NYC, and he has also contributed to the shows at Visionaire Gallery and Phillips de Pury & Company for W magazine and Scope Art Fair for Jaguar and W magazine.

He is featured in the Reebok “I am What I am” ad campaign along with Jay-Z, Lucy Liu, Allen Iverson, Basquiat, and others. He also released his own model of Reebok Pump Fury, limited to 500 pairs worldwide.

Kenzo started his own clothing line in the spring of 2004.


The Specs: Padded Pak’R

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami CollaborationThe backpack offers a 24-liter volume, with dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm.  The pack features a main compartment with a ready-access front pocket.  The back is padded to provide comfort, as are the shoulder straps with SGS.

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

The Specs: Transfer S

The carry-on rollerbag offers 42 liters of space to go wild and pack the dog, five pairs of shoes, ten shirts and a bulky souvenir of some statue which you have no idea what it is but it looks awesome.  Okay, so you’re not going to pack the dog (that’s what oversized, lead-lined jackets are for) but the rollerbag offers ample space for everything you actually need in your carry-on luggage (pack lighter, go faster, happy days).  The rollerbag’s dimensions are 49 cm x 31.5 cm x 23 cm.

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

The double-deck storage is handy for making your packing more organised.  A front zippered pocket provides convenience for items you want ready access to.  The wheel system and new telescopic handle with stop button take the strain out of treks across terminals.  Rounding things off are side compression straps, as well as kissing sliders and a lock loop for security.

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration

The Prices

You can get the Padded Pak’R backpack for a RRP of $99.99.  The Transfer S rollerbag is yours to own for a RRP of $269.99.

Liking :: Eastpak x Kenzo Minami Collaboration


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