Teranishi Venture

Road Tests :: Teranishi Venture

by , February 11, 2016

Japanese-born Teppei Teranishi, the namesake of Teranishi Studio, spent his formative years rocking out, wielding the... Read more

Packing list for ski photoshoot

Packing List :: One-Day Ski Photoshoot in Japan

by , February 2, 2016

I have been heading to the same part of Japan for ski photoshoots for six years... Read more

Arc'teryx Khamski

Video Review :: Arc’teryx Khamski 38

by , February 1, 2016

When the backcountry beckons, you need a suitable pack for the terrain. The Arc’teryx Khamski 38... Read more

Octovo Purist Wallet

Drive By :: Octovo Purist Wallet

by , January 29, 2016

As readers of my reviews will know, I am a bit obsessed with minimalist wallets. My... Read more

Thule Versant

Drive By :: Thule Versant 70L

by , January 27, 2016

High above the waters of Lake Superior I navigate a winding trail that skirts worryingly near... Read more

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Messenger Bag

Drive By :: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Messenger Bag

by , January 22, 2016

Lightweight. Check.  Durable. Check. Your prototypical (bike) messenger bag. Check. Meet the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Messenger... Read more


Featured review

Drive By :: Tanner Goods Everyday Tote

by , January 22, 2015

Kate takes Tanner Goods’ stylish tote for a spin and manages to lose her umbrella...... Read more



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