Drive By :: JanSport Oxidation Backpack

by , April 16, 2014

Call me cliché but I LOVE being a tourist. I get a kick out of visiting... Read more

Tumi Virtue Diligence header

Drive By :: Tumi Virtue Diligence backpack

by , March 18, 2014

You’ve gotta stay as cool, calm and collected as you can. In and out, preferably without... Read more

Samsonite v TumiHeader

Head to Head :: Spinners

by , February 21, 2014

We pitted the Tumi Tegra-Lite against the Samsonite Cubelite in an international airborne challenge...... Read more

REI Flashback Daypack 980x470

Drive By :: REI Flashback Daypack

by , February 5, 2014

Like many people in the Pacific Northwestern United States, I find myself often wondering where the... Read more

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