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Greenroom136 Rainmaker


Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

by , March 3, 2023
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Greenroom136 made a name for themselves creating practical, utilitarian, urban bags. Based in Malaysia, founder Patrick Lim took it upon himself to research the industry and learn the principles of bag design. What eventually spawned was a brand that has nailed the fundamentals and innovates based off tried-and-true principles.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker

The Greenroom136 Rainmaker is one such phenomenal pack. In this review we will be covering a custom (W?ldcard) Rainmaker bag, so depending on your needs, some features or design choices may differ.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review


  • Name: Rainmaker
  • Brand: Greenroom136
  • Format: Backpack
  • Measurement: 12.2″W x 17.3″H x 7.8″D
  • Capacity: 27 Liters
  • Weight: 3.5lbs (for standard build)
  • Zippers: YKK #10
  • Material: EPX400, 420d Ripstop Nylon lining
  • PriceMYR$1,335 (Approx. $295)


Who It Suits

This bag has proven to be versatile due to its compression straps and clamshell opening. If you’re looking for an everyday pack that can serve double duty as a minimal travel bag for a weekend getaway, you won’t be disappointed with this. Moreover, if you want a no-frills, good bang-for-your-buck pack that you can have customized to fit your needs, I think the Rainmaker is an awesome choice.

Who It Doesn’t

I would say folks who want cutting-edge features may have better luck elsewhere. As I mentioned earlier, the Rainmaker innovates based on a solid understanding of the fundamentals, but if you’re looking for something flashier, this may not be for you.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review


The Rainmaker has a very understated aesthetic. To me, it looks practical, without any frills. It does have a boxy silhouette which I’ve heard some people complain about. I, however, quite like the boxy look. It also makes it very easy to use the corners of the bag well.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

The EPX400 fabric makes the bag feel sturdy and adds a lot of the benefits EcoPak offers such as water resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. That coupled with solid craftsmanship makes this bag feel premium in a way that the average onlooker might not notice. Add onto that clean stitch lines and this is a pack that feels quality in ways that bag geeks will really appreciate.

The YKK zips feel burly and smooth. However, one pain point I have is that the rain flaps can get wedged into the zippers sometimes. There is the option to omit the rain flaps on the compartments, but I prefer having a little extra protection against rain. A possible solution could be to use AquaGuard zips, but that would add extra resistance when pulling on the zippers.

I made the choice to upgrade to magnetic Fidlock Slide buckles, which adds a bit of convenience when undoing the compression straps. There’s an option to also upgrade to Fidlock Snap buckles, or you can just keep it to standard side-release buckles.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review


One feature that you may or may not like are the aforementioned compression straps. While they do allow for compressing the bag when you aren’t carrying as much or for securing larger loads, they also obstruct your zippers. It’s a double-edged sword, but since I went for the larger capacity bag, I appreciate the compression straps being there, though they do add some dangling webbing.

In regards to ergonomic features, there are adjustable load lifters, a sternum strap (which I’ve found to be difficult to adjust), the option to add side grab handles (which I’ve opted for on both sides), a rugged seatbelt-like grab handle at the top, broad and sturdy shoulder straps, and a very comfy padded back panel with mesh (there’s an option to add a luggage passthrough which I’ve opted for).

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

As for the other features, I opted for a Velcro strip to show off my morale patches and PALS webbing to attach pouches externally. There’s an epic corduroy-lined laptop compartment that’s spacious and fits my 16″ MacBook Pro. It feels delightful and it’s super easy to get my laptop in and out. Additionally, there’s this hidden pocket on the back panel that’s perfect for a passport or important items that you don’t want easily accessible from the outside. I also requested a peel-over front pocket that opens wide for easy access. Moreover, I went for the option to add a sunglasses compartment which is perfect for quick-access items. It’s lined on one side with the same corduroy that’s in the laptop compartment.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

There are so many options to choose from when customizing this pack that you can really make it your own, resulting in something super unique and tailored to you.


My day-to-day performance has been exceptional. In the main compartment, there are two zippered mesh pockets, and one slip pocket on the back that you can use for a folder or something similar. The main compartment is super spacious, and I even used it for a weekend trip, packing around 3 days’ worth of clothes. 

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

The front pocket is great for items you need quick access to. It has three slip pockets of varying sizes, so there’s a bit of organization. What I love about it though is that there’s actually a lot of dimension built in, so you can throw stuff in there and it doesn’t feel tight to access. There’s also a handy little key loop if you’re into that.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

I think one of the things that makes this pack unique is the back compartment that houses that laptop pocket. It opens clamshell, which is an unneeded, yet very much appreciated feature. There’s a sleeve for you to store your tablet too. If I had to guess, this would be more than enough to fit a 12″ iPad Pro but be sure to refer to the measurements if that’s something you’re looking to do. There are 4 slip pockets. Two medium ones that I store an SSD drive and a USB-C cable in, and two pen slots, one of which I store my Apple Pencil in.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

With the broad shoulder straps, the comfy back panel, and the load lifters, this is a very comfy pack. It’s got solid ergonomics, and the points of contact on your shoulders and back are ventilated with mesh to help air things out on those warmer days.

The EPX400 shell as mentioned earlier adds a lot of resistance to the elements, but I also want to highlight the 420d nylon that the pack is lined with. It adds an extra layer of quality and peace of mind knowing that it won’t be easily ripped or punctured. On top of that, the lining is this bright gold color which does wonders for visibility.

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review

The Good

  • Customizable
  • Great access
  • Solid construction
  • Good weather resistance
  • Durable
  • Super practical

The Not So Good

  • Sternum strap is hard to adjust
  • Rain flaps can get wedged in zippers
  • Lots of straps dangling

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Review


There are so many good things to say about this pack, from the in-depth customization to the practical and intuitive layout. On top of that, the Rainmaker is super affordable compared to other custom packs, and if you just get the base version with the Cordura shell, it’s even more affordable at around $150 at the time of writing. I feel confident in saying that the Rainmaker is a fantastic everyday pack with insane value for your money.

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