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Drive By

Drive By :: YNOT Viken Duffel

by , November 12, 2015

In case the previous reviews weren’t obvious, I’m a bit obsessed with duffels. I love the ingenuity and design decisions different companies make as they attempt to solve arguably the same problem.

YNOT Viken Duffel

YNOT’s Viken is definitely in a class all its own, being the perfect size for a quick weekend away (be it by plane, train or automobile) and rugged enough to take on whatever life throws your way. In fact, I found myself using this bag more as a messenger bag than a duffel with great results.

YNOT Viken Duffel

Who It Suits

Someone looking for a function-oriented bag that delivers ease, stowability and packability.

YNOT Viken Duffel

Who It Doesn’t

It’s a more masculine-styled bag that breaks away from what a traditional duffel is. While some may like this, others will not.

YNOT Viken Duffel

The Good

As I mentioned above, this bag is one of the best overall duffels I’ve tested. I’ve enjoyed each one for its own approach, but the Viken was different. This one was so much more than a duffel. In fact, I found myself using it almost as a messenger bag in lieu of my EDC (especially when I had a soccer game immediately after work). The reason was simple: it fit everything, maintained its shape (mostly) and was unobtrusive to carry despite its size. That’s quite a feat.

YNOT Viken Duffel

The details on this bag are on point. The external zipper pockets are easily accessible and are finished with water-resistant AquaGuard YKK zippers. The roll top is the ideal solution for packability and the compression straps (North American made ftw!) both across and on the ends enhance that. A detail that also has to be mentioned: the leather strap which is both easy to buckle and provides the support you would expect.

This one was so much more than a duffel. In fact, I found myself using it almost as a messenger bag in lieu of my EDC…”

YNOT Viken Duffel

YNOT Viken Duffel

The two most striking things about the bag are the handsome waxed canvas (a 1000D Cordura option is also available) and 400D diamond ripstop nylon floating liner. Floating because of a fun little feature which I didn’t realize until recently: the inner zipper opens across the entire compartment so you can have a place for your dirty laundry that’s separate from the main compartment. No more plastic bags or laundry bags. Think of the bag as a two-for-one.

YNOT Viken Duffel

YNOT Viken Duffel

Last but not least, this bag carries a lifetime warranty. And given the near-daily adventures I’ve put it through, it looks no worse for wear. Now that’s how you do it!

“…the inner zipper opens across the entire compartment so you can have a place for your dirty laundry that’s separate from the main compartment.

YNOT Viken Duffel

The Not So Good

My biggest gripe with this bag was with the shoulder strap system. While it’s natural to place the attachment points on opposite sides of the seam, it drove me crazy that no matter what was inside, the bag would crumple on itself. It couldn’t hold its shape which is, in and of itself, beautiful. While this doesn’t detract from the overall performance of the bag, it became bothersome from an aesthetic standpoint.

YNOT Viken Duffel

YNOT Shoulder Strap

Additionally and arguably most importantly, for a duffel, the shoulder straps themselves leave you a bit lacking. I appreciate that it’s a Canadian seat belt, easy to adjust and attach, but it’s disappointing that there is no real shoulder support. When packed, the duffel can get heavy and tire your shoulder out. For a bag so thoughtful and designed, it’s surprising that they overlooked the strap system.

“…it’s disappointing that there is no real shoulder support.

YNOT Viken Duffel

Others to Consider

This was a hard category to fill because I haven’t really come across a bag quite like it. Sure you can throw in a DSPTCH or Mission Workshop style bag for looks but that doesn’t quite fit the bill. Nor does a “traditional” duffle like Alpine Modern. In this case, I would say it’s more in a league of its own.

YNOT Viken Duffel


I feel like this bag has become an extension of me. I’ve been caught in rainstorms; it’s been stowed in tight spaces. There are few things this bag hasn’t taken on and it’s no worse for wear. It’s truly bombproof and the gripes are due to me wanting to find more ways to fit it into my life. If you’re looking for a traditional menswear duffel, this bag isn’t for you. But if you want a bag that looks great and goes above and beyond the call of duty, pick up the Viken. I was blown away by the bag and look forward to future YNOT tests.

YNOT Viken Duffel

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  • AA

    Err…this looks exactly like Modern Industy’s passenger duffel.

  • Andrew

    What exactly is “1000D Cordura waxed canvas”?
    I think it’s either one or the other?

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey Andrew, we’ll have to ask YNOT, but their website says: “1000D CORDURA® outer layer, North American Milled or 10.10 Waxed Canvas”. Stay tuned.

      • jobby

        I feel like they meant to imply that there were two options they just failed to punctuate the sentence properly.or omitted an “or” to differentiate the two.

  • jobby

    Came here to mention the resemblance between the Modern Industry Passenger but AA beat me to it. When is a design TOO similar?

    • TeamCarryology

      Agreed @disqus_xoTSsV5t8a:disqus. Very similar. We’d even say that MI was a little nicer, as far as hardware and build. But unfortunately they’re no longer unavailable. Looks like YNOTs filling that void.

      • jobby

        I agree with you, at least someone stepped in. Any idea where some re-sale MI duffles might be lurking in the depths of the inter-web? I have to believe there were some that were that were left on the table, so to speak.

    • angela sum

      Wow, great question. As a designer I try to be original in my work… which includes trying to check what I want to make doesn’t already exists out there.

  • AA

    Lots of duffels fold in the middle when you use a shoulder strap. It isn’t just a cosmestic issue as it affects weight distribution and makes it harder to carry.

    That’s why I like oversized hand straps, for shoulder carry. Prefer the option of both ideally.

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