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Evernote – Helping slim your wallet

by , April 11, 2011

Evernote – Helping slim your wallet

Evernote – Helping slim your wallet

Evernote is Everawesome. Do you use it? Evernote is a pretty neat little application that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. The application allows you to store notes/images/thoughts in the cloud and sync it between your computer and phone (iPhone, Blackberry, not sure about Android yet?)

There’s a whole bunch of things you can do with Evernote, but from a carrying point of view, we love it as it allows us to really cut down on the amount of receipts we carry around in our wallets. Which in turn allows us to avoid that hilarious moment on the street when you open your wallet and all your receipts fly out. Aahhhh, George.

Evernote – Helping slim your wallet

How do you do it?

  • When you are given a receipt, take a photo of it.
  • Email the receipt to an Evernote email account you’ve set up and shared with your accountant.
  • Screw up the receipt and never think about it again

If you do your accounts yourself, it’s almost as easy…

  • After taking the photo, open Evernote on your phone and create a new note from the photo you’ve just taken.
  • Create a title – eg > Receipt for Coffee at Starbucks.
  • Add tags to the note for easy searching – eg > Receipts, Coffee, Starbucks
  • Then Save your note.

Now you have the receipt saved to you Evernote account which you can either print out or email (way easier) to your accountant come tax time.

If you ever need the receipt for a product return, you just search for the store name and show them the receipt on your phone.

Receipts are one of the main culprits with Costanza wallets. The better you can get rid of them, the better you’ll get rid of that ugly bulge.

Evernote – Helping slim your wallet

Like we mentioned earlier there are loads of different ways you can use Evernote and this is only one of them. I also use it as an inspiration board – clipping things I find inspiring, exciting, etc on the net to my Evernote account that then allows me to check back later on. You can learn more about Evernote HERE.

And no, Evernote have not sponsored this. It’s just a neat programme that is free for the basic version. Enjoy!


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