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Very Protective Parkour

by , October 17, 2011

Very Protective Parkour

Very Protective Wallet Review – With a twist/spin/somersault

Jereme is rad. Like crazy so. While we all gawk at those flipping urban acrobats from our YouTube fed armchairs, Jereme is out there actually doing the stuff (or teaching the stuff). Repeatedly. So when he proposed reviewing a wallet from this blog’s main supporters Bellroy, we asked if he could put a little video to it. Maybe jump straight to that video below, then come back and read his words…

Jereme: I train Parkour. This sees me running, jumping, climbing, etc. on a fairly regular basis. I like the stuff I carry with me to be able to handle the random bumps and what-not that it may encounter along the way. I had previously purchased Bellroy’s Hide and Seek Wallet as it was fairly similar to my previous one (which had been stolen) and I also enjoyed the particular style in the stitching and logo that Bellroy had. I did this knowing full well they had their Very Protective Wallet as well but at the time I wasn’t ready for the differences it had from normal wallets that I was accustomed to.

Very Protective Parkour

While training one day I’d been crossing a river on some rocks with all my stuff in this backpack and like clockwork my bag strap broke, sending all my items (including my wallet) off into the river. I was able to get the bag and save all the contents but it got me thinking maybe I should rethink my decision, which brings me now to my thoughts on the Very Protective Wallet.

Very Protective Parkour

The wallet came in and I have to say after having it for about a month,  I enjoy it immensely. The small size forces me to take only what I need, It’s low profile being such that I’ve forgotten that it was in my pants a couple times. The size allows me to pair down to what I need from a day to day basis and even allows me to train without a bigger wallet swinging around in my sweats. This leaves me free to jump, roll and play at my whim without having to place anything down. The different style of wallet took some getting used to but it does exactly what it needs to, is low profile enough that I can even roll on that side with no issues, and best off all keeps everything dry inside. I’ve not had as thoroughly drenching an experience yet with this wallet yet though I am confident it can handle it just fine, along with any other bumps, scrapes and grime from the city it may encounter.

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