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Drive By

Drive By :: DODOcase Wallet

Drive By :: DODOcase Wallet

by , July 2, 2014

There is no shortage of minimalist wallets on the market today, which is why when you find one you REALLY like, it’s hard not to tell the world. I’ve always loved what DODOcase does (disclaimer: I purchased one for my girlfriend’s iPad) and when they told me they were launching a leather accessories line, I had to try it for myself. Meet the Leather Card and Cash Wallet. It’s a mouthful and without a doubt the only thing I don’t like about it. After two months, it’s fair to say that I’m in love.

Who it suits

Someone who is looking for a low cost, minimalist wallet that’s great for EDC (everyday carry). Its overall small size and beautiful brown leather ages like a fine wine over time. This wallet puts a premium on bang for your buck.

DODOcase Leather Card and Cash Wallet

Who it doesn’t

This isn’t a wallet for someone who needs to carry more than four credit cards at a time. I agonized over how to make this wallet work for me in the beginning and only once or twice wished I could have that card I use often, but not frequently.


A new favorite in the world of carry has been the enhanced use of elastic to scale the amount of cards/cash you carry on-demand like the Slim Wallet.

DODOcase Leather Card and Cash Wallet

The guys at DODOcase however took a more “traditional” approach. Instead, they strived to do two things really well: create a slim profile and enable you to carry whatever you need to. The reason I qualify what you carry is that most minimalist or slim wallets overlook the fact that occasionally I have to actually carry money! DODOcase’s simple design with card sleeve in the front and leather strip for cash in the back ensures I can carry both with ease. To me, this often overlooked ingredient is one of the wallet’s killer features.

Let’s start with the profile. At 3 7/8″ x 2 3/4″ x 3/16″, it’s an ideal size to be in your pocket without adding any actual bulge. The leather is a beautiful, American-made leather from an 80-year-old tannery out of Wisconsin. It’s soft yet durable, and has a beautiful patina. I will also note that these are all handmade in DODOcase’s factory in San Francisco.

DODOcase Leather Card and Cash Wallet

Be it product, person or company, your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. For this wallet, no truer words were said. Over the years I have pared down my Costanza wallet into a few key essentials like driver’s license, credit card, health card and Clipper card (bus pass for the Bay Area). Being only able to hold four cards has made the decision about what to carry excruciating at times. Occasionally I’ll use the leather cash strip as a mock card holder if I make a Costco run or rent a Zipcar. I love that it forces just the essentials but at the same time, I definitely have found myself in situations where I needed a card I no longer carried.

As I said before, what truly sets this wallet apart is that DODOcase incorporated a cash element into it that doesn’t add excessive bulk or really limit you on how much you can carry. This to me is one of its best features that most minimalist wallets simply don’t have. Living in San Francisco, there are more than a few bars that are cash only and it’s important to be able to carry cash without having to rifle through every pant or shirt pocket to pull it out.

DODOcase Leather Card and Cash Wallet

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we. There are a couple of ways that minimalist wallets adapt for cash. One is through the use of material/fabric, like the elastic Supr Slim Wallet where you tuck folded cash in with your credit cards. While effective, this is a bit of a clunky solution, especially if you break your $20.

It’s here where the DODOcase wallet really shines though. By incorporating a spot for cash on the outside with a leather strip, you can comfortably carry a lot of bills without putting any real stress on the seams AND most importantly, not add any excess bulk. It effectively removed the major headache I had with my previous minimalist wallets.

One of my favorite design elements to the piece is the antique brass rivet that secures the credit cards. It’s a simple detail that really enhances the look of the piece and perfectly fits in with leather originally used for lumberjack boots.

DODOcase Leather Card and Cash Wallet

An additional detail that is distinctly DODOcase for anyone who has their iPad is the ability to customize your wallet with a monogram. They were kind enough to do my initials, MW. It’s a classy detail like the patina and ages with grace over time.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend this wallet enough for someone who needs a great minimalist leather wallet at a fantastic price.


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