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Noteworthy New Release: Pelican Go Case and Ruck Case

by , February 7, 2019

The name Pelican is synonymous with rock-solid protection for fragile and valuable gear. Their cases are legendary in the amount of abuse they can endure, both on land and at sea. So when they put that design focus and commitment towards personal utility cases, the results were always gonna be good. But just how good are they? Well let’s take a closer look at the Pelican Go Case and Ruck Case

Pelican Ruck Case

Ready to go every day

Pelican designed the cases to meet two different needs. The Go Case caters to everyday use, organizing and protecting daily essentials. Two sizes of case give you the ability to store a phone, cords, keys, cards and more. The G10 is great for smaller setups, while the G40 includes a divider tray to store your phone separately from the rest of the contents. The divider features card slots and a cable strap, along with a pass-through point for charging your phone on the go.

Pelican Go Case 40

The Go Case’s trusty build easily handles day-to-day abrasion, drops and inclement weather. Offering an IP67 rating, the case is waterproof to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes. Plus it also passes a 1.2-metre drop test, provides pressure equalization for air travel and endures temperature extremes from -10ºF up to 199ºF. A cushioned EVA lining in the lid and base adds protection inside, while an ABS outer shell, co-molded bumper and gasket and sectioned ribs for rigidity ensure the exterior protection is on point.

Pelican Go Case

And when it comes to portability? The case’s micro-texture improves grip, with a loop for hand carry use or to attach a carabiner.

Pelican Go Case

Pelican Go Case

Ready to ruck anywhere

While the Pelican Go Case takes care of day-to-day needs, the Pelican Ruck Case sets its sights on adventure use. Fully mil-spec tested, the Ruck Case has an IP68 rating and is waterproof to a depth of 2 metres for 30 minutes. It survives up to 12-metre drops and handles temperature extremes from -10ºF to 199ºF. And like the Go Case, you don’t need to worry about pressure equalization for air travel.

Pelican Ruck Case R60

The shockproof and dustproof case features a rubberized exo skeleton and an ABS/PC outer shell for reliable ruggedness wherever your next adventure takes you. And how about the interior? Organization-wise you’ve got flexible options including a snap-in lid organizer and a divider tray with a cable routing hole. A loop system with Velcro straps lets you tailor the setup to changing loads. And the base cavity has a cushioned lining for extra protection.

Pelican Ruck Case

Speaking of changing loads, the Ruck Case comes in three sizes including the R60, R40 and R20 to accommodate a variety of gear. And because you never know who might try to get their sticky fingers on your gear, the case has an integrated lock hasp that allows you to secure a small TSA padlock.

Pelican Ruck Case

Pelican Ruck Case R40

Guaranteed for the long haul

You don’t just want gear protection for now. You want it years from now too. So Pelican have built their cases accordingly. Both the Go Case and Ruck Case have lifetime guarantees. Ruggedly built to endure whatever the day or the adventure brings.

Pelican Ruck Case

Beyond protection into personal utility

The Pelican Go Case and Ruck Case amply deliver on Pelican’s promise of waterproof protection you can trust. But they’re not content to stop there. These are cases designed to offer real utility. Not only do you get great durability and waterproofness but practical organization too. A versatile means to protect and organize wide-ranging setups, from first aid supplies and outdoor essentials, to electronics, fragile travel items and EDC necessities. Available in the coming months (details below), the Pelican Go Case and Ruck Case are set to welcome your carry setup to the big leagues of elite protective utility.

Pelican Ruck Case

Release dates:

The Go Case

G40: USA Retail. $39.95. Available now at REI. Worldwide March 1st

G10: USA Retail. $29.95. Available worldwide March 1st

Ruck Case

R20: USA Retail. $44.95. Available worldwide March 1st

R40: USA Retail. $54.95. Available worldwide March 1st

R60: USA Retail. $64.95. Available worldwide May 1st


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