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FOX Knives Yaru

Our Favorite Knives from FOX Cutlery in 2021

by , May 11, 2021

There is a small town in Northern Italy, not too far from the Austrian and Slovenian borders called Maniago. With over 1000 years of specialty making, it’s famous for its production, not of cheeses and oils as stereotypes might suggest, but of steel blades used by some of the biggest names in the world in knives, scissors, and shears. And bedded near the rush of the great Torrente Meduna river lies a brand that continues to pick up awards from the likes of Red Dot and Blade. Formed in 1977, FOX Knives are a force, creating beautiful, functional, and reliable knives worthy of any quiver. 

With a vast history, and a community who all have a hand in the creation of their knives, today we’re here to celebrate and dive into our personal favorites from FOX’s new stable, and take a closer look at some of the best knives from FOX Cutlery this year.


Designed by Jesper Voxnaes, this folding beauty is a robust workhorse. The “Space Coral” handle (model FX-527 CF) is a carbon fiber and copper composite that is mesmerizing to look at. Aptly named, it really does feel like you’re staring into a galaxy. The 2.76″ blade is made from the tough stuff: S90V steel. S90V is well known for its wear resistance, which makes it a perfect fit for an everyday tool. Nimble and lightweight, the Yaru’s mechanisms (spacer, screws, and clip) are made from stonewashed titanium. All of these material choices keep the knife under 100 grams (95), making it easy to turn to, time and again, without hesitation.

FOX Knives Yaru

As one would expect from a premium knife, the Yaru comes in with a 59-61 rating on the Rockwell scale. You can trust this knife to put in a lot of service and not be concerned with its durability. At just shy of seven inches, this can slip into a pocket, bag, or glovebox alike.

FOX Knives Yaru

Monkey Thumper

Designed in conjunction with Arizona’s Black Roc Knives, this is tactical, powerful, and ergonomic. The Monkey Thumper is designed for heavier duty tasks, while still maintaining a sleek profile. A 3.5″ stonewashed Niolox blade (another 59-61 rating) is ready to tackle heavy-duty tasks and come out the other end ready to go again. A G10 black handle (model FX-633) will hold up to most forms of punishment. And a Kydex® sheath will keep it protected during transit. With an overall length of 8.27″, this is still small enough to cart around on the daily. And the ergonomic design promises comfort when blasting through your daily routine. With a fixed blade and tipping the scales at 165g, there is some heft to this. And the wider blade lends itself to more outdoor situations than a pocket flipper. 

FOX Knives Monkey Thumper


This folder features a 2.36″ M390 stainless steel blade, in a sheepsfoot profile. The blade is also satin-coated to aid with corrosion resistance. Designed by Antonio Di Genaro, the Italico has an ergonomic Micarta handle (model FX-540 NA) that allows for easy deployment and is finished with a stainless steel spacer and screws. The overall length of 5.91″ makes this pocket-sized and easy to take with you anywhere. Similar to the Yaru, this comes in at just 90g. The simple, clean look of this knife will appeal to those who want an understated knife for EDC.

FOX Italico


The Radius looks like a weapon you would find in a battle for Mordor! Weighing in at 100g, this elegant flip knife has a unique ‘snake skin’ handle (model FX-550 CFB) made from carbon fiber and copper composite. An incredible aesthetic that will certainly catch your eye. The Radius was created by in-house FOX designer, Denis Simonutti. A 2.95″ M390 stainless steel blade (7.2″ total length) is PVD-coated for protection, while the pink anodized titanium details on the clip, button, and screws add an elegant touch to this knife.

FOX Radius

FOX knives stand out in a marketplace that can often look to imitate others. The beauty of the artisan is that they answer to their own philosophies, which in turn leads to the creation of pieces such as the Radius. Clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks this, as it won both the “Overall Knife of the Year” and “Imported Knife of the Year” awards at the 2019 Blade Show, as well as a Red Dot design award in 2020.



The Ryu is another piece designed in collaboration with Black Roc Knives and it shares similar characteristics to the Monkey Thumper. A 5.12″ Niolox blade, coated with a black stonewash, is the biggest in our selection from FOX and this was designed to work! The G10 patterned handle (model FX-634) will withstand years of abuse, and the 225g weight gives real heft and balance in the hand for heavier tasks. This fixed blade will be a trusty companion for most tasks. Though at 10.6″ long, this is more suited to your adventurous days rather than a slip-in pocket piece. A Kydex® sheath helps keep your edge sharp and your fingers safe!

FOX Knives Ryu

FOX cutlery are creating pieces that both stand out, and blend in. It is a labor of love at their facility in Northern Italy. All FOX knives are hand-assembled and hand-sharpened in the same town where one family laser etches the blades, while another provides handle materials. FOX are building heavy hitters for the fiercer days, but also offering subtle, tasteful folders for the quieter ones. It is easy to see the famed Italian passion and care in their manufacturing, design, and delivery. The mantra at the heart of FOX cutlery? They aren’t making knives for just anyone, they are making them for you.



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