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Content Creative: What I Carry

Content Producer EDC Essentials

by , June 22, 2020

I am a content producer for the main part of my income. Most times, whether it is the day job or some sort of contract work, I need to have my files near as I may get a request to do a quick edit or send in a different format. So the main items that I carry are for this purpose. Some will note that while I have a notebook, I do not carry a pen in this setup, the reason being that I lose them all the time. So while I would like a rad copper or titanium pen, I would have it for about two days before I lost it somewhere. If I do carry one it tends to be a cheap Bic, or I just ask to borrow one. Pens are like toothbrushes, there is always one around when you need one.

When I am traveling or working outside the office I tend to carry a few items every time. Depending on where I am going the pack differs, so I am focusing on what I am putting in it rather than the pack itself.

Laptop: MacBook Pro 13 Inch

I use this laptop for several reasons. 1. It is small and takes up less space than a 15 inch. 2. It fits in my chosen case. 3. When I am traveling I am generally not working on big projects.

This laptop fits great on a plane where I can edit and write as needed. The HD is large enough to work with and the 16GB of RAM allows for enough memory to edit anything that I might need to on the go.

Boundary Supply Fieldspace

I wish they made this in a 15 inch and/or sold it as a separate piece. This is my favorite laptop sleeve. It is built well and has pockets for all my items and a small back sleeve for any papers you might have. If you were flying for a day meeting, you could literally only carry this and be fine. Hopefully in the future they make this available to purchase by itself.

Field Notes

No matter what, it’s good to have a paper notebook. I like Field Notes as they are small and fairly cheap. You can get them in almost any style you want. While I don’t carry a pen as I tend to lose them, these are great because if you misplace them too it is not like losing a full notebook.

Field Notes

Skullcandy Charging Bank

I use the Skullcandy Charging Bank. For no other reason than it is slim and I can charge multiple devices with it. The charger works well and can charge my phone 3-4 times.

Skull Candy Charging Bank

SanDisk 2TB SSD

This is my number one thing that I don’t leave home without. They are slim, they are fast, and they are sexy. I mean this SSD is smaller than a cell phone. I store my working projects on this (as well as in the cloud) and work off them to keep my laptop space as empty as possible. This is one of the greatest external hard drives on the market.

SanDisk 2TB SSD

HyperDrive USB-C Hub

If you have a new Mac and have the USB-C this is a must-have. You can use this to charge, import or install nearly any device or card you may need. The HyperDrive has:

  • HDMI Video Output – 1080p @ 60Hz, up to 4k @ 30Hz
  • Thunderbolt 3 – up to 5k or 2x4k @ 60Hz video, up to 40Gb/s data speed, max 100W Power Delivery
  • 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports – 5Gb/s data speed, as well as high power to your devices
  • USB-C port – 5Gb/s data speed
  • SD/Micro card reader – UHS-1 104MB/s

Hyper Drive USB-C Hub
Hyper Drive USB-C Hub

Second Memory Card Importer: SanDisk USB-C Card Reader

I will usually also bring this card reader along as it is handy to have. I normally have this sitting on my desk, but when traveling I also pack it in my laptop sleeve as a backup. Always good to be prepared.

SanDisk USB-C Card Reader

Memory Card: SanDisk 128GB

I use this card because for most projects it is enough to buffer and to hold. I have never run into a situation where this card does not perform to the standards which I need. Usually when I am traveling and shooting I use these in both slots. One card travels in my wallet and one in the case. But I have never had these cards fail and use them on all projects.

SanDisk 128GB

The Magic Mouse V2

I love this mouse. It is like a second part to my hand. When I am in Photoshop this mouse is my other half. I am torn on the V2 being rechargeable; on one hand I like that I never need batteries, but on the other there have been times when I forget to shut it off, and then have to charge it before use. But I love the Multi-Touch surface, it’s what I thrive on.

Magic Mouse V2

My SD Card Case

There is really no reason that I chose this case except that it is hard and cheap. It does block the card data from potential RFI and electromagnetic alien rays. Most of the time this holds a pile of cards on my desk, but when I am traveling I secure the four cards in the case and carry a few in my wallet. I carry backups in my wallet so that I have one if I forget one, but also after a shoot I carry one in case something happens to the case.

SD Card Case
SD Card Case

Matt Ritscher is a Colorado-based adventure and wedding photographer. Check out his work here.


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