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Boundary Supply Tek Case

Boundary Supply Tek Case Review

by , February 26, 2020

After reviewing many packs and bags it was quite refreshing to check out for you just a pouch. Okay, not ‘just’ a pouch, but the most advanced pouch I’ve ever had in my hands – the Tek Case by Boundary Supply. It’s part of the Arris travel pack system, which has just been introduced on Kickstarter. I had an opportunity to try out the Arris pack and pouches in the prototyping stage (with full feedback to Boundary). But the pouch itself is actually a final product (it should be offered soon as a separate item) so I thought I’d do a quick drive-by for you. Enjoy!

Boundary Supply Tek Case

Who It Suits

All travelers and commuters who carry more than just a couple of items in EDC rotation, plus some cables, a charger, etc. If you’re an organization geek the Tek Case would be perfect for you. If a dedicated spot in your pouch for a dedicated item is your packing philosophy, you’ll love it. Or finally if you’re tired with multiple zipper bags and want to carry everything in one pouch – yeah, get the Tek Case and call it a day.

Who It Doesn’t

At just 0.2kg it is not a heavy item, especially considering all the features. But I know that ‘true’ ultralight backpackers would simply use IKEA zipper bags instead of the Tek Case. So if you half-empty your new toothpaste before each hike and cut off the last two inches of your toothbrush simply stop reading here please.

Boundary Supply Tek Case

The Good

Perfect materials and attention to details – it’s just striking how nicely this pouch has been executed! The laminated 210D HT TPU nylon is durable, waterproof and looks just great in semi-matte olive green. Inside they used ripstop nylon and stretchy mesh for some pockets. This works as expected, without any issues and the light gray color allows you to easily find even the tiniest items. The stitching is top-notch and the zippers are waterproof YKKs with spring-loaded self-blocking sliders. This hi-tech pouch is built to last and to protect from the elements anything you store inside. Each and every detail has been made to match the overall pouch design (like grab handles made of the same 210D HT TPU nylon). With 6 x 8.5 x 3 inch dimensions, and less than half a pound of weight, it represents really great functionality versus size.

Boundary Supply Tek Case

The internal organization is nothing short of brilliant. I usually prefer minimalistic organization in bags and packs but pouches are a different story. Behind the first zipper there’s a high-density rubber bungee / webbing grid and it can be used for almost anything – cables, tools, a flashlight, pocketknife, sharpeners, even a short spork – you name it. It works well and keeps stuff in place. Opposite to the grid you can find two square (elastic) pockets with flaps, where I usually keep my cables, paracord spool by Sagewood Gear, and other small items like lens filters. The next zipper (double-slider one) opens the main compartment with an X-grid 4-slot elastic divider. Add to that rubber webbing keepers, a small zipper pocket inside for tiny items like SD cards etc. and you’ve got the picture of this compartment. It really swallows anything I put in there, including a small flask with Jack Daniels, a headlamp, fire starting kit, cables, powerbank, knife, etc. And last but not least, there is a small backside zipper pocket with a flannel-like material lining, which is great for anything like documents, small sunglasses or a wallet. Or like in my case a mini-sized Field Notes notebook.

Boundary Supply Tek Case

Not So Good

I’d equip both main zippers with double-slider zippers, not just one. Also that cool-looking green material is actually quite noisy to use (a consequence of thin laminated fabric) – not an issue for most except maybe hunters. Apart from this I can’t think of anything ‘not so good’ in this pouch. It’s just awesome.

Others to Consider

Tasmanian Tiger EDC Pouch: A traditional Cordura MOLLE pouch, not so perfectly organized but still with a lot of features. It fits modular packs with MOLLE attachments.

Prometheus Design Werx Admin Organizer: A classic admin style pouch for necessary EDC items, small but capable.

Kifaru Organizer Pocket: A very well designed, heavy-duty pocket. It’s bold, tough and very well organized inside. I’ve got one and it could be a good alternative if you prefer more tactical styling in your gear.

ITS Tactical Gizmo Lite Bag: If you just want space and organization is not your thing, the ITS Tactical Gizmo Lite is just what you want. Easy to use, tough and spacious. And Velcro-backed too!


I used to carry my stuff in two to three smaller pouches before but the Tek Case changed my approach to my ‘extended EDC’ if you will. Now I can fit everything in one spacious and lightweight pouch. Thanks to thinner material it takes a lot more gear than a similar pouch made with 500D or 1000D Cordura. The Tek Case is not just tough, but also water resistant, which is a very unique feature in this product category. Verdict: highly recommended! And it fits perfectly in the Arris adventure pack system, of course.

Boundary Supply Tek Case

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