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5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

by , November 27, 2019

I think anyone that’s done any sort of outdoor activities or are interested in EDC has heard of Nite Ize. I have always thought of the company as the ones who make carabiners and clips but was surprised to learn it started 30 years ago with a headband flashlight holder and today, Nite Ize distributes over 500 products worldwide, out of their Boulder, CO facilities.

When I took the time to explore their product catalog, I couldn’t believe how many different products they’ve invented. I can’t think of another company that has both a large and diverse catalog, but also an industry-leading warranty, decades of experience, and a reputation for quality.

Here are some items that I keep in my EDC and you might find useful additions to yours.

Clean up your EDC cables

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

Nite Ize introduced the first Gear Ties in 2011 and since then the line has expanded to a variety of sizes, colors and uses. I am constantly bundling up excess slack in power and charging cables or keeping cords tidy for storage. My go-to solution have always been zipties but I’ve always found it annoying to have to find a pair of sharp scissors or wire cutters to free the cables when we need to plug in Christmas lights or give some extra reach to a lamp.

Gear Ties are quick to deploy and remove and are intuitive; everyone understands immediatly how to use them. Keep a few small ones in your gear bag because you never know when you might need to secure something.

Trim down your EDC pen

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

I try to carry a pretty minimalistic EDC loadout but besides a knife and light, I can’t think of a more practical tool than a pen. Sometimes I carry a Hitch & Timber Pocket Slip that has room for a small Fisher Space Pen. Other times, I carry a custom Swiss Army Knife with Plus Scales, which allows for a small pen.

When I want to go really minimal, the Ink Key Chain Pen is the best option. It’s small and lightweight but can be converted to a full sized pen for comfortable writing. It’s filled with waterproof blue ink and uses a pressurized cartridge which means you can write at any angle and in extreme temperatures.

Quickdraw your keychain

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

Climbers have always know the benefits of carabiners, but I feel like the popularity of carabiners being used for attachment rather than load carrying has increased in recent times. Nite Ize has been making their S-Biners for years and they are as useful now as they were then. They are often used as keychains but the uses are endless, really.

I like to use them to quickly attach and remove accessories from my primary keychain. For example, if I am carrying a Leatherman Micra as part of my EDC but I am going to the airport to hop on a flight, it’s very quick to unlatch it and store the multitool in my glove compartment than to fumble with snaprings.

Brighten up your transit

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

It’s started getting drastically darker earlier around where I live and my neighborhood is very poorly lit. I like going on walks with a friend and even meeting at the midpoint of our houses, but it means walking down dark streets. It also means that cars will often not see us until it’s too late. I often will use a small flashlight to light our path but I don’t feel safe relying on just that for drivers to spot us.

The TagLit LED Marker is just what I was looking for. It clips on magnetically to your shirt sleeve, shorts, hats, backpacks, and more. And it uses applies to runners and cyclists too. I chose the red color, which is pretty bright and can be seen from quite a distance. With a runtime of 7 hours, it means I can go a few months before needing to charge up, via microUSB.

Waterproof your wallet

5 Ways Nite Ize Can Improve Your EDC Game

And last but not least, what I’d consider the greatest product Nite Ize has come up with in recent history – the RunOff Wallet. We are huge fans here at Carryology, and for good reason. Their RunOff series is a set of pouches utilizing their TRU Zip technology which are silent, toothless and waterproof zippers. I already have a few sizes but the wallet is the one that I find most versatile and practical for everyday use.

It measures 3.7″ x 4.7″ internally and weights just half an ounce while boasting IP67 protection. This means it’s an idea compartment to store a first aid kit, important ID and documents, or just as the name implies, the contents of your wallet. During rainy season, it’s not uncommon for me to ride in a light sprinkle or fog and getting stuff damp is no fun, trust me.


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