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bushcraft-pouch-setup in nite ize 3-1-1

5 Staff Pouch Setups Designed For Every Adventure

by , May 16, 2019

When you’re adventuring, be it a multi-day trek or catching a flight for a weekend trip, there are certain small items you’ll want within easy reach. Perhaps emergency supplies for outdoor use, a charging cable to juice tech on your travels, or small everyday items like a flashlight or toiletries. And storing these items in a pouch is a great way to keep them together and quickly accessible rather than wasting time hunting for them. Plus the added benefit of pouch storage? You can swap gear between bags in a jiffy or simply use the pouch as standalone storage.

And if you really want to step up your adventure pouch game, Nite Ize (the awesome sponsor of this post) delivers innovative waterproof protection with the RunOff 3-1-1 Pouch. Not only will it protect the contents from the elements, accidental spills or river dunkings, but also protect the rest of your gear from leaks if you’re storing liquids inside. See what sort of things you can carry in this versatile pouch.

Piotr Ma, Bushcraft Kit

5 Staff Pouch Setups Designed For Every Adventure

Mora Eldris & my own kydex neck sheath, tough small fixed blade

Victorinox Farmer, my go-to outdoor pocket knife with awesome wood saw and awl

Victorinox Classic SD (Ti custom by @woro_knives) as a personal care tool (scissors, nail file, tweezers, toothpicks, scalpel-like small blade)

– Swedish Army ferrocerium firestarter and sealed homemade tinder

– Zippo module in Thyrm PyroVault, everlasting Zippo, no more fuel evaporation. Very handy due to the candle-like open flame

– LED flashlight (FourSevens Preon)

ITS Tactical modified survival kit with wire, fishing line, water purification tabs, signaling mirror, outdoor sewing/repair kit & more

– Duct tape (critical item! So handy!)

– 550 paracord, thin paracord (mil-spec both)

– hot glue stick (for fixing knots, gear repair, etc. Just melt above flame and use)

Fallkniven DC4 sharpener (great pocket sharpener)

– bungee loop with stopper, for fixing stuff

– a lot of ITS Tactical Ranger Bands for fixing & organizing stuff (worth their weight in gold!)

Andrew Sporrer, Nav Pouch

nav pouch and map

My next big trip is an Olympic Peninsula traverse in July. Sixty-eight miles on foot. Thirty-five by raft. The idea is to make it east to west from the Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean. The Nite Ize RunOff 3-1-1 pouch is a perfect place to keep my maps and nav gear protected and easily accessible as me and my buddy slog it out over five days and 20k feet of vert hiking in the wonderfully unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather. Once we hit the rafting leg, it should be smooth sailing, but I’ll still have my necessities close at hand with the RunOff 3-1-1 strapped around my waist as a fanny pack. ‘

attaching nite ize pouch to hiking pack

*Note–you can fit a 1″ buckle and a 1.5″ piece of webbing through the loops for mounting options*

Green Trails & Custom Correct Maps

Garmin inReach Explorer+

Suunto Compass

Thyrm CellVault XL

Black Diamond Storm

ESEE Izula on a lanyard with whistle

-Standard Bic Lighter

-Standard Sharpie

David Vo, Getaway Kit

5 Staff Pouch Setups Designed For Every Adventure

This is my grab-and-go kit for anytime I am taking a short weekend trip or a flight with checked bags. It has all my essentials I don’t want to forget and it’s easy to have it all in one waterproof pouch.

-Leatherman Free P2 – ever since Leatherman announced this game changer, I have been counting the days ’til the release. I finally got a P2 in my hands and the magic of magnets is real. With 19 tools including a combo knife, scissors, screwdrivers and of course the signature Leatherman pliers, this is a great all-in-one tool solution.

-Inventery Interchangeable Mechanical Pen + Pencil – I am a big fan of Inventery’s writing instruments and this is no different. Milled from brass, this is a combination mechanical pen and pencil. Both utilize mechanisms from Schmidt including the 9000 EasyFlow refill which is one of my favorites because of the smooth writing. Swapping components in and out is a breeze while maintaining the smaller size that you can’t get with a normal multipen setup.

-Zebralight SC64C 18650 Flashlight – I’ve always been a fan of ZebraLight’s headlamps but after reading much praise about their full-size lights, I picked up this 18650 light. The standout feature here is the use of a Samsung LH351D emitter which has a high CRI (90+) while being really efficient. I love the 4000K color temperature and the size is super compact; not much larger than the battery itself.

edc pocket dump by Carryology's senior editor

-Aukey 10000mAh Power Bank with USB-C and Power Delivery – this is probably the best power bank I have ever used. It not only has two USB-A ports including Quick Charge 3.0 but also has a USB-C port with 18W of PD in both directions. It’s also energy dense for the size and has enough juice to charge my smartphone 2-3 times before calling it quits.

-TinyPi Pro – This Kickstarter project is the tiniest RetroPie setup I’ve seen. It runs off a Pi Zero W and can play any system up to Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance, with ease. The case is 3D printed using a SLS process which has far more detail than traditional FDM printers. The screen is super sharp and even small text is easy to read. The speakers are the mobile phone variety but get quite loud at full volume. I can literally carry around thousands of games on a device that I can technically carry on a keychain.

-Amazon Basics USB Type-C Cable, 6 inches – Long cables are a dime a dozen but short charging cables are a godsend when you need to hook up to a battery pack but don’t want a bunch of slack; this is the one to get.

Bo Ismono, EDC and Tech Pouch

pouch surrounded by edc and tech essentials

I’m a film editor by trade and so having the right tech tools on hand is super important. And everything else I carry helps keep me prepared for little challenges that might pop up, from gaffers tape to a plain ol’ lighter.

– USB drive with USB A and USB C

– Phone charger and cable

– lighter

Victorinox Manager

Prometheus Flashlight

– Multicharging cable

– Sim tool

– Headphone splitter

– Phone stand

– Pen with gaffers tape

– SD card

Jason Adams, Emergency / Boo-boo Kit

emergency and boo-boo kit filled with essentials to keep you prepared

I travel quite a bit for work, both domestically and internationally. I find the Nite Ize pouch to be the perfect carry companion for my basic EDC survival/boo-boo kit. It holds all of the contents nicely and there are two things I love about it. First, it lets me travel without any concern of leakage contaminating the rest of my kit. Second, it is long so it keeps everything relatively flat, making it perfect for flat pockets that don’t have dedicated volume.

Here is what I carry daily, regardless of where I am going:

Emergency Gear:

Boo-Boo Kit:

  • Bandages (assorted)
  • Neosporin
  • Alcohol pads
  • Q-Tips
  • Tylenol/Motrin



Tide Stick (because I can’t go two days without staining a shirt)

This is a sponsored post presented by Nite Ize. Check out their adaptable RunOff Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch here.


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