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Best Accessory

Best Accessory :: Third Annual Carry Awards

by , February 12, 2015

Google the definition for ‘accessory’ and you get this: “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.” There’s no denying all our finalists for the Best Accessory award nail usefulness, versatility and attractiveness in their own ways. From dopp kits to gadget sleeves, it’s an eclectic mix – but each one is here thanks to a thoughtful and functional approach to serving a specific carry need.

Now it’s time to apply that same thoughtful approach to deciding who gets the gold.

You have two votes to use as you will…

Allocate your 1st choice with 2 points

And your 2nd choice just with the 1 point. 

Côte&Ciel Lagoon Spa Pouch

Comes with a transparent pop-out pouch to easily display liquids at airport security checkpoints, while incorporating a waterproof zip and removable strap that enables the wash bag to be hung up. Considering most toiletry bags spend their time in wet environments, it’s remarkable how few look the part.

Côte&Ciel Lagoon Spa Pouch

Sea To Summit Jet Stream pump pack

This is a great dry sack that lets you expel air easily for a better vacuum seal. But that’s not even the biggest benefit. It also lets you inflate sleep mats and pillows in seconds. Clever.

Sea to Summit Jet Stream Pump Sack

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket

Cyclists the world over use snap-lock bags. They suck. Bellroy are keen to fix this, and have already won their way into the jersey pockets of Tour de France winners and local sloggers alike. Protecting phones, cards, cash and a key from whatever mother nature can throw at them.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket

Grovemade Walnut Sleeves

There are not many brands that manage to combine beauty and geekery the way Grovemade do. Taking the playfulness of Maker culture, and adding in a refined design eye, they repeatedly stoke us with their carry and work accessories. Their Walnut Sleeves take a rigid bamboo, and through faceted laser-cut patterning add just enough flex to help it bend around the curves of your device. Fun yet functional.

Grovemade walnut sleeve

JBird Collective Divide Wallet

The second iteration of JBird’s Kickstarted Comrade wallet and newish offering for ’15. The Divide’s simple pattern creates an inside/outside wallet that gives good access, deals with your pen, and doesn’t look crap in the process. Dang, well done, JBird.

JBird Collective Divide Wallet

The Transience Meridian Dopp Kit

Anybody thinking Anchorman?? Transience Meridian: Unique New York. Unique New York. Sorry, we had to get that off our chest, ha!

Most toiletry bags take a very simple box form, put some nice fabrics into it, and hope you won’t notice its lack of flexibility. The good ones think harder about the problem, and then deliver a kit that can flex its capacity with your needs. The great ones do this, and then add an emotional hook that helps you smile each time you reach for your toothbrush. Just like an awesome weekender, the Meridian Dopp Kit feels effortless and formal all at once.

The Transience Meridian Dopp Kit

ro Lee Reverse Portfolio

Sometimes the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The ro Lee Reverse Portfolio works in portrait or landscape (suiting backpacks and messengers), has an interesting but not crazy fabric, and has a handle that is just perfect for excursions sans bag. It ain’t revolutionary, but it is neat.

Lee Reverse Portfolio

Hanchor Hula Chalk Bag

Features a 360-degree chalk sock for easy access to chalk, along with solid build quality that can withstand rugged use in rugged terrain.

Best Accessory :: Third Annual Carry Awards

Incase Tensaerlite

Your options in laptop sleeves have traditionally been bulky and safe, or slim but exposed. With the Tensaerlite, Incase try to find a middle ground, only putting the serious impact protection around the edges, where you’re most likely to need it. It keeps the sleeves slim, but saves you from disaster if you drop that flimsy hipster satchel you so want to use.

Incase Tensaerlite Icon sleeve

Cargo Works MacBook EDC Kit

The tough tactical vibe doesn’t suit all environs, but when toned down a smidge it can go nearly anywhere, and this Cargo Works, all-in-one EDCer solution, nails it: a subtle military-inspired framework buffed up with great tech protection, organization, and bomber hardware. Nice work, CW!

  Cargo Works EDC

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

There are no shortage of options in the world of camera straps, and so it takes a pretty special level of innovation and refinement to make a mention in our Carry Awards.

Peak Design have achieved that by creating a versatile, fast and comfortable system that doesn’t scream tech or craft, but rather constraint.Our favorite features are the foam filled webbing with a non-slip side, the quick adjust sliders that avoid stiction or snagging, and the custom clip system that can be changed out quickly but still feels really secure. This is innovative yet restrained, and comfortable yet quick to adjust. This is great design.
Peak Design Slide


*Voting closes 22nd Feb.


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