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Bellroy Key Cover

15 Compact All-Black EDC Essentials

by , March 8, 2018

On-the-go lighting. Unexpected DIY needs. Clink-free key carry. A thoughtfully prepped EDC setup will handle all of these and more. Even better, you don’t have to weigh yourself down to accomplish it. These 15 compact all-black EDC essentials are low-key in style to suit work and play, small enough that they won’t burden you on the go, and functional enough to merit a spot in your daily setup…

CRKT Pryma Stainless Steel Multi-Tool (US$ 8.00)

BEST ALL BLACK EDC - CRKT Pryma Stainless Steel Multi-Tool

The CRKT Pryma is a great option if you’re after a compact, lightweight multi-tool that won’t break the bank. The Viva includes prybar, multi-wrench, glass breaker and bottle opener features. All within a design that hooks easily onto a belt loop or slips inside a pocket for convenient portability.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool (US$ 7)

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

The Gerber Shard is a solid choice if you want to add budget-friendly multifunctionality to your EDC setup. The lightweight multi-tool offers a range of functions including a pry bar, small and large flathead drivers, Phillips driver, bottle opener, and wire stripper puller.

Fisher Space Bullet Pen (US$ 16.45)

15 Compact All-Black EDC Essentials

The legendary Fisher Space Bullet Pen has a respected reputation for a reason. Able to write at any angle, in extreme temperature ranges, underwater, and on wet or greasy surfaces, this highly versatile pen is a reliable addition to any EDC setup. The pen’s compact closed form makes it easy to carry in a pocket or bag, while the opened form (placing the cap on the end) provides a balanced design that’s easy to write with.

Streamlight MicroStream (US$ 16.30)

Streamlight MicroStream

A source of illumination is a handy addition to a carry setup, and the Streamlight MicroStream is a great compact option for EDC use. The flashlight offers 35 lumens and includes a lanyard and a removable pocket/hat clip, all in a water-resistant and lightweight design that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer (US$ 17.99)

Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

So you’ve got a trusty selection of small EDC items, but how are you going to carry them all? The Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer provides a useful way to keep those items tidy and accessible, whether you’re on the go with just the pouch or want to team it with a larger bag. Multiple pockets and elastic loops let you organize a range of items, with the clamshell opening providing ready access to your gear as required.

Stanley Classic Flask (US$ 20.92)

Stanley Classic Flask

Whether you’re relaxing in camp, celebrating reaching the summit, or simply sitting back with friends after a hard day’s graft, having some of the good stuff on hand is a nice little luxury to indulge in. And with the Stanley Classic Flask, you can enjoy that indulgence in rugged style. The flask is made with stainless steel and features a leakproof, wide mouth for easy filling.

MecArmy Illuminex-4 EDC Flashlight (US$ 28.90)

MecArmy Illuminex-4 EDC Flashlight

This pint-sized flashlight packs plenty of handy features into its compact form. Lightweight, waterproof, and rechargeable, the MecArmy Illuminex-4 flashlight offers up to 130 lumens. The one-handed twist switch is simple to use, and the small design can be easily carried in a pocket or secured to a keychain.

ARKTYPE RMK Quick-Release Keychain (US$ 32)

ARKTYPE RMK Quick-Release Keychain

Want rapid access to your keys? The ARKTYPE RMK delivers with a magnetic clasp that lets you quickly access keys without having to remove the entire keychain first. And since it’s magnetic, securing the keys back in place is a breeze too. The keychain tucks easily inside a pocket but can also be left to dangle on a belt loop to suit your personal preferences.

Boker Plus Bolt Action Tactical Pen (US$ 42.70)

Böker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45

Hard-wearing and versatile, the durable Boker Plus Bolt Action Tactical Pen serves as both an EDC pen and self-defense tool. The pen is made with anodized aluminum and features a flat head for a thumb rest during self-defense use. The bolt action pen also includes an integrated clip for easy portability in a pocket or bag.

Bellroy Key Cover (US$ 44.95)

Bellroy Key Cover

Tired of key clutter? Bellroy’s Key Cover restores carry calm to your pockets with its slim, bifold design that stores keys tidily and clink-free. The cover features a magnetic closure for easy access, and allows keys to hinge out for use. In addition to cutting down your carry bulk, this nifty design also helps protect other pocket contents against key scrapes and scratches.

Bellroy Card Sleeve (US$ 54.95)

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Sleek and slim, the Card Sleeve looks equally suave in work settings or during a night out on the town. It can serve as a minimalist wallet or business card holder, with quick-access front and back slots for your most frequently used cards. And with the handy pull tab, there’s frustration-free access to the cards in the main compartment too.

Huckberry Stealth EDC Kit (US$ 69.98)

Huckberry Stealth EDC Kit

Huckberry’s Stealth EDC Kit keeps you prepped for a variety of day-to-day needs with five tools at the ready. The Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh includes an integrated bottle opener, while the KeySmart keeps your keys in order and jangle-free on the move. The kit also includes Phillips and straight blade drivers, as well as a Nomad Chargekey Lightning for convenient charging without tangled cables.

Bull and Stash Leonard Journal (US$ 79.95)

Bull and Stash Leonard Journal

The Leonard Journal is a stylish and versatile full-grain leather journal that includes pockets for storing business cards, a phone or small tablet, and space for a pen. The magnetic closure allows quick and easy access, while the refillable design keeps up with your ideas wherever you are.

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool and Ballistic Nylon Sheath (US$ 109.95)

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Surge lets you leave the bulky toolbox at home, packing 21 tools into a design that can fit inside your pocket or bag or secure to your belt. The multi-tool comes with a ballistic nylon sheath for storage when not in use, and is backed by a 25-year guarantee.

mophie powerstation AC (US$ 199.95)

mophie powerstation AC

Don’t want to risk missing an important call because your phone battery died? Not keen to scrabble for an airport power source? Portable power provides a convenient solution, and with the mophie powerstation AC you’ll have plenty of juice on hand wherever the day takes you. With its 22,000mAh battery capacity and USB-A, USB-C and AC ports you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, the fabric wrap finish helps protect the power bank and other bag contents against scratches.


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