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Story Time | J Panther

by , January 12, 2011

Story Time | J Panther

While it could almost be classified as another generic product release from a brand, this one in particular caught my eye. J Panther have created stories around their latest product releases, something you don’t see a lot of these days. It’s even more notable given the way we humans love a story, and yet many products lose that, becoming nothing but ‘products’.

So it was with excitement that I read the release from J Panther, treating my eyes and mind to something new. Maybe it was the water color illustrations, or perhaps the presentation that was in front of me – either way, I got sucked in and lost in the world of J Panther imagining myself with each product. And isn’t that the goal?

We have taken a snippet from each product and included it below as well as the image from the page itself…

The Aviator

Named after the veteran artisan who manufactures this piece, a longtime amateur pilot who considers it ideal to take with him on his flights over New England.
It is, he tells us, the most heavily engineered item he’s ever worked on.

The Ruc Tote

A clever three-way carry system allows it to be worn as a ruck, slung across a shoulder, or even just toted. Despite 3 carry options, it still manages a pretty cohesive design.

The Perfect Weekender

Inspired by the lines of classic sports holdalls, the Perfect Weekender brings greater functionality to the form while adding a luxury feel that you wouldn’t normally associate with such a silhouette. But this is a rugged kind of luxury, that inspires confidence to truly let the bag take whatever life throws at it.

The Life Tote

A favorite with their female customers, the Life Tote is a simple tote bag design that boasts the same mix of graceful lines and ruggedness as our Ruc Tote.


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