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Watch Carry :: Presented by Time+Tide

Watch Carry :: Presented by Time+Tide

by , September 16, 2014

This post is a first in a series of guest posts by Felix Scholz, editor of online watch magazine Time+Tide. Felix is mildly obsessed with watches, and with transporting them safely – hence the connection. Apart from that, he’s fine. 

For many people, the watch is an essential part of their everyday carry. Even in the age of ubiquitous smartphones (which many heralded as being the death knell for the wristwatch), the watch lives on. It’s still the most convenient way to tell the time and, for many, an important indicator of style and self.

But rarely do people (who aren’t obsessed with watches) need to think about how to carry the watch. For most, you just strap it on your wrist and away you go. Carry factor, sorted. But what if you’re carrying multiple watches? What if you have one on your wrist while packing a more serious timepiece for serious purposes, like impressing your new girlfriend’s dad? You need some dedicated watch carry.

In a pinch, a sock or a Ziploc bag will serve carry duty, but if you’re a lover of luxury mechanical watches and you’ve just dropped serious money on a brand new luxe timepiece you need the appropriate portage for when it’s not on your wrist.

So, happy days, there exists a specialized carry category for watches. And like any other carry gear it comes in a range of shapes and sizes; soft or rigid, budget or premium. Though, given what’s usually carried inside these cases, there’s a pretty hefty focus on the premium end of the market.

Here’s a quick overview of a few options: 


Somewhat surprisingly one of the best makers of a budget, rock solid single watch carry was sunglasses maker Oakley – for many years their ‘watch vault’ was a favourite of watch fans. But recently the product hasn’t been in regular production. So, as the free market tends to do when a gap arises, a very similar version has been produced by CASEBUDi. The hard ballistic nylon clamshell case is secured with a Japanese zipper and can keep a large watch safe from bumps and scratches.


Bas & Lokes Manolo

Bas & Lokes might already be known to Carryology readers – the Sydney-based leatherworkers make a range of handsome leather carry goods, but they started making watch straps – so watch cases weren’t much of a leap. If you’re only moving one watch around, the Manolo made from oil-tanned leather is a good option – the pouch contains no metal, which is never a friend of the precious watch and often causes it scratches. 

Bas and Lokes Manolo

Pelican Micro Case

Hard cases, like this Pelican, are designed for carrying fragile or precious cargo – so, perfectly suited to expensive watches. They’re watertight, crushproof and dustproof – what more could you ask for! The only thing to note with these cases is that nothing says ‘I contain valuable goods’ quite like a professional hardcase, so don’t leave them lying about.

Pelican micro case

Worn & Wound Watch Fold

Quite a few watch sites have online shops that sell straps and other watch gear. One of our favourites is the US-based Worn & Wound who focus on affordable watches. They offer a great American-made watch fold, in rugged 18oz twill canvas with leather detailing and ultra-suede lining. The fold can carry two watches comfortably, and it looks good doing it.

worn&wound fold

Bas & Lokes Silas

If you wear a different watch every day of the week, or have had a particularly successful vintage watch-buying trip in Hong Kong you’re going to need a bulk carry/storage solution. Thankfully Bas & Lokes again have your back, offering several elegant watch rolls, capable of swathing 4-6 watches in protective leather. Watch rolls are a flexible and convenient carry solution if you need to transport multiple timepieces.

Bas and Lokes Eli

Döttling Guardian 

Okay, to date I’ve brought up a range of watch carry options that are fairly ‘real world’ – the Guardian, from German safe makers Döttling, less so (unless your idea of real world carry consists of private planes and fleets of monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage). The Guardian is essentially an 8.8 pound cylindrical safe wrapped in fancy leather. It’s designed to carry up to six watches (which, let’s be honest, probably won’t be your average Swatch) or other valuables, in almost bombproof security. The Guardian also houses a GPS transmitter – which is fairly essential in a portable safe.

Döttling Gaurdian


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