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NOMATIC x PeterMcKinnon Luma

Level Up Your Daily Camera Carry Solution with the NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Bag Collection

by , March 13, 2024

NOMATIC has been developing high-quality, essential travel and carry solutions for content creators for a decade. Founded on the principle of enabling, innovating, and incorporating time-saving solutions right into each and every one of their products, they have refined their offerings into pro-level gear for life on the move. The Luma Collection by NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon is custom-designed specifically for hobbyists on the verge of turning pro.

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Bag Collection

The Luma Collection is all about giving you just what you need – nothing more, nothing less. The line is designed with the same robust levels of construction quality as their more professionally-tuned products, but hones in to focus on the essentials. Striking this balance is key when creating a less-is-more approach for the budding photographer. But some important differentiators make the Luma Collection stand out from the rest of the NOMATIC camera-carry lineup. 

Bright Is the New Black

Let’s speak to the most obvious standout differentiator first. NOMATIC has been well-known for its murdered-out colorways since its inception in 2014. This has been a solid approach to help establish the brand as a staple of the professional content creator community – black enables creators to disappear into the backdrops of both events and sets.

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Pack

But the Luma line is all about embracing the fun of this newfound passion and purpose. To celebrate that vibe, color is key. The collection offers three bright new colorways: an arresting rust, a stunning stone, and a striking sage, all in addition to their classic black.

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Pack and Camera Sling

Streamlined Style for Miles

There are three different styles of bags within the Luma lineup, each with the same thoughtful approach to clean lines. The flagship of the collection is the 18L Camera Pack backpack, complemented by 12L and 9L Camera Slings.

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Bag

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Sling

All feature cavernous interiors with sturdy yet flexible module dividers to accommodate a wide variety of gear configurations – all while maintaining a sleek and compact silhouette on the outside. A minimalistic exterior is ideal for urban life, especially when you spend a solid part of each day avoiding snags on the subway. 

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Pack

Pro-Level Materials Meet Enthusiast-Tuned Innovations

Crafted from water-resistant polyester Oxford fabric, the Luma Camera Pack sports a unique and useful full-zippered entry that leverages a designated 16″ laptop sleeve as the primary opening panel. Two zippered pockets on an additional top-access lid hold and organize your smaller accessories.

Laptop sleeve

The exterior has a cleverly integrated tuck-away boot for carrying a tripod and the side-mounted water bottle holder stows quickly with a magnetic flap when not in use.

Tripod camera backpack carry

Camera backpack

An external attachment system with integrated loops is handy for lashing on extra accessories and the whole pack is easy to travel with thanks to an integrated luggage passthrough strap. Added bonus? A side access panel lets you grab and go like a pro. 

Camera backpack

If a backpack isn’t your cup of tea, or you’re looking for some additional carrying capacity, check out the 12L and 9L Camera Slings. Both slings offer the same quality fit and finish as the pack, with a splash of added innovation. Once the main opening flap is unzipped, it magically stays right in place. This nifty trick is accomplished by sets of integrated magnets, ensuring that your gear isn’t spilling or visible, while still being easily accessible.  

NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Sling

The Luma Collection by NOMATIC x Peter McKinnon does something few camera carry solutions can—marry pro-grade functionality with urban-friendly styling. With Luma, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s a lineup that feels right at home for a hobbyist getting more serious, or a freelancer dabbling in more and more paid gigs. So if you’re feeling inspired to bring your kit daily to capture your environments with a little more street cred, consider the Luma Collection as your carry companion.

Camera bags


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