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Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

Crowdfunder Highlight :: Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

by , September 23, 2017

The humble toiletry bag gets a welcome overhaul…

Travel and toiletries. A pairing that keeps you fresh on your trips. And one that can also frustrate you to no end. Ever had shampoo leak all over the rest of your toiletries, or even worse, escape into the rest of your travel gear? Wasted precious time rummaging for a specific item within a jumbled mess of supplies? Surely there has to be a better way…

Turns out, there is. Lance Williams and Chris Livingston, the founders behind Gravel, recognized these universal travel problems. And not finding a suitable fix, they decided to create their own: the Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag.

Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

Fuss-free accessibility

So what makes the Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag a worthy addition to your packing list? First off, pockets. Six of them to be precise. You can keep all your toiletries organized and accessible on the go with the following:

– Deodorant and razor pocket (9″L x 3.5″W)

– Toothbrush and toothpaste pocket (9″L x 1 1/2″W) – Added bonus? It’s waterproof.

– Large outer pocket with a soft fleece lining (7″L x 5″W) – Handy for cords and cables, a phone, passport, etc.

– Deep pocket (5″L x 5″W)

– Deep waterproof pocket (4″L x 5″W) – Ideal for travel shampoo and other liquids.

– Secret small pocket (3″L x 2″W) – Located inside the deodorant and razor pocket, this is a great secret stash for rings or other small items you want ready access to.

Gravel Toiletry Bag

With multiple pockets to choose from, you can avoid the free-for-all chaos that ensues with single-compartment toiletry bags. And with the waterproof pockets the rest of your gear is protected in case anything leaks.

Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

Just hanging out

Next up, the toiletry bag gets flexible with storage. Lay it flat when you have a lot of surface space, or hang it up when you’re outdoors or in cramped accommodation. The bag’s stowaway adjustable buckle strap lets you easily suspend the bag over hooks, tree branches and more to suit your needs and environment.

Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

Built for the journey

Travel can be demanding, but the Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag isn’t afraid to tough it out. Made from a water-resistant, lightweight yet durable non-toxic Tarpaulin PVC, the bag will embrace the miles every step of the way with you. And we’re talking the kind of durability that merits a lifetime warranty, so you can roam with added peace of mind. All in a slim format that’s easy to pack, won’t weigh you down and can be easily washed if the need arises.

Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

One nailed travel mate

Swapping frustration for accessibility, and aggravation for protection against accidental spills, this is a thoughtful and functional design that will serve you well for years to come. If you want to take the hassle out of packing toiletries, get your very own Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag through Indiegogo now.

Gravel Premium Toiletry Bag

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.


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