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AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line


AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

by , September 20, 2022

Axone are a unique brand. When Taylor took a look at their first product, the Urban Backpack 20L, he was pleasantly surprised by the innovative features, thoughtful design, and high quality manufacturing (you can watch his thoughts here!). Naturally, we were excited to see what was next from the brand, and that time has come. Today we preview the Travel Collection from AXONE.

There’s a great number of travel lines out in the market, and while many have their own merits, rarely are they truly unique. When we saw the AXONE line, we were pleasantly surprised. It features three new products: a 90L travel luggage, a 35L travel backpack, and packing cubes.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Wheeled Luggage 90L

The wheeled luggage isn’t your traditional checked luggage, with a curated selection of intelligent features, this could become a favourite travel bag in no time at all. Starting with the construction, this piece of luggage has all of the hallmarks of a great bag. Including water resistant 500 denier polyester, YKK lockable zippers, durable PU backing, and in-line skate wheels that are both quiet and robust.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

One of the most innovative features on this bag is invisible to the naked eye initially, but in use is a game changer. This piece of wheeled luggage splits in half thanks to the zipper that runs around the equator of the bag. This is useful for two main reasons. Firstly, storage – which is the bane of checked luggage – is now a breeze because of this unique nesting feature. The 90L wheeled luggage, which stands at 78cm tall, will take up literally half of the space that your traditional luggage will. For those with less interior storage, this will change the way you approach storage and packing!

Secondly, the split volume is perfect for family packing. Whether you are a couple, a family of four, or even travelling with different equipment sets for your adventures, you can now parse out your belongings into separate compartments and easily split them. You could hand off the children’s clothing to them on arrival, or store your adventure gear in the back of your car without needing to bring the whole suitcase!

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Other notable features include a hidden AirTag or tracking tag pocket, so that you can track your luggage as you travel. A sturdy aluminium telescoping handle for quick manoeuvrability as you travel. Two quick access pockets on the front of the bag for smaller items such as hats and gloves, and a collapsible interior wall to help you divide the contents.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Simply put, the wheeled luggage 90L is the checked bag, elevated.

Travel Backpack 35L

To partner with your wheeled luggage is the 35L Travel Backpack. This backpack is designed to be your carry-on and daily driver when you are exploring your location, or even a smaller bag for four to five days of travel. It is a bag that can do a bit of everything like a true chameleon.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Featuring 420D water resistant nylon, aluminium ergonomic back support, and an ultra-padded back panel, this bag is made to move! The star of the show here is the U-flow harness by AARN. We first saw an iteration of this on AXONE’s urban 20L pack. A connected shoulder strap webbing allows the pack (and its weight) to move with you and alternate from side to side with your stride. This reduces hot-spots and diminishes the fatigue that you often associate with wearing a larger pack. Once you pair this with the adjustable shoulder strap width, you really have a uniquely customisable harness called the dynamic shifting system.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Other features include AXONE’s Pure X system, where the shoulder straps close together in the middle of the chest, to reduce stress and evenly distribute weight. The reduction of rubbing and padding for the sternum is a nice touch, and we can imagine the comfort on long days of travel will be a fan favourite.

Externally you will find multi purpose straps that allow you attach anything you’d like to the bag from jackets, to boots, to tripods all with a few anodized G-hooks. A sunglasses pocket, a collapsible water bottle pocket, a quick access admin pocket and also a packable rain cover adorn the outside of the bag. These pockets give you access to essentials and peace of mind on your travel adventures.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

Internally, AXONE have taken some features from the Urban 20L pack and updated them for this new travel line. A dual laptop (17”) and tablet (13”) sleeve keep your electronics close by and protected, along with a useful admin panel for cables, charging bricks, styluses and the like. The main cavity has enough room for four to five days of clothing, particularly when expanded to 35L and paired with their packing cubes. The travel backpack is a perfect partner to the wheeled luggage and can pull double duty very easily.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes aren’t necessarily the product that gets everyone’s engines revving, but they are an incredibly useful tool for travel, particularly when they are part of a system like AXONE’s. They are a four piece set, comprising of small, medium, large, and a shoe bag.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

The set up is customisable to either of the new bags in the collection, and feature the same high quality components and construction such as YKK® zippers. The see through mesh makes packing and unpacking easier, while the compression feature reduces the volume by up to 50% for efficient packing. The small and medium cubes will work with both the 35L travel backpack and the 90L wheeled luggage, while the large packing cube will only work with the 90L wheeled luggage.

AXONE Debuts Their Innovative new Travel Line

AXONE have impressed since arriving on the scene and this new travel collection shows a progression and maturation of already great design instincts. With innovative features, premium construction, and a wallet friendly price point, the travel collection could be the one for you!

The Travel collection is now available on Kickstarter with early bird discounts!


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