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Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System


Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

by , August 7, 2022
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The Ventir Modular System is designed in partnership with Whipsaw, a very seasoned and decorated team of Industrial Designers, Digital Designers, and Mechanical Engineers. Whipsaw has partnered with many global brands across different industries such as Cisco, Ford, Blender Bottle, Nike, and more. Their work with these partners has proven successful, earning them over 290 design awards and now they bring their experience into the design of Ventir’s modular backpack. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

As a company, Ventir aims to “create backpacks that adapt to the demands of urban living by combining technical functionality with a sleek aesthetic” and I think the modular system does just that. The modular system is Ventir’s first go-around at a modular backpack and the entire system is comprised of the Core pack and three attachable modules: Basic, Travel, and Gym. This modular system is made with the standard urbanite in mind and mixes function with simplicity. During my time reviewing this pack, I found myself using most of the modules extensively. The core pack was great for a slim everyday carry, the travel module provided extra volume during weekend trips, and the basic module was the MVP for those quick grocery trips. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System


  • Name: Modular System
  • Brand: Ventir
  • Format: Backpack with three modular attachments
  • Measurement: Core Pack: 18” x 13” x 2.5”; Travel module: 18” x 13” x 5” (compressed); Basic module: 18” x 13” x 5.5”; Gym module: 18” x 13” x 6”
  • Capacity: 9L (varies with modules)
  • Weight:
  • Zippers: Weatherproof YKK zippers
  • Material: Nylon from recycled plastic bottles, orange ripstop interior, mesh padded straps
  • Price$80-$250 – varies depending on the modules you select to purchase


Who It Suits

Ventir’s modular system was thoughtfully made for urbanites who are on the go and need to switch gears with ease. The sleek design of the pack is meant to blend in while on the subway, at the gym, in a grocery store, or almost anywhere you need to be. The modules are thoughtfully made for those who want quick and easy versatility in their packs as well as great value.

Who It Doesn’t

While the modular system was meant for people who are constantly changing their carry needs, it may not be well suited for someone who works in an office space or for those who find the simplicity of a pack to be essential. With the bright orange zipper, large text on the side of the pack/modules, and urban design, the bag may not be appropriate for use inside an office environment. The need to have multiple modules can also be a dealbreaker for those of you who want your essentials housed in one single place. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System



Overall, the backpack and its modules have a sleek and minimal aesthetic. Each piece of the modular system is made from black nylon, has minimal branding (except for a strip on the right of each component with various pieces of information on them), all-black zippers with plastic zipper pulls, and one orange zipper on the core pack’s main compartment. However, it’s important to note that on Ventir’s site they do show some orange zipper pulls that are not present on the pack that I received, which may be an update to the design. All in all, it’s a handsome pack with minimal branding, which is very much to my liking!

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System


The construction of the bag is top-notch. Upon first inspection there were no loose threads, the stitching of the bag was great and it looked symmetrical with no clear points of misalignment. Although the bag was tested for only a few weeks, the bag still looks brand new even after two to three weeks of daily use, two weekend trips to New York City, and multiple small grocery trips. The only concern from wear and tear is the dust and dirt that gets picked up due to the slightly gritty texture of the nylon material. These small patches of dirt were easily cleaned with a bristle brush or a small toothbrush so as long as maintenance isn’t an issue this bag should wear in nicely over time. 

The only minor areas of construction that I wish were beefed up are the back panel and straps. Although they are well made, there is a need for more padding on the straps, given that you may sometimes load the pack up a lot when using the travel module. Similarly, improvement to the overall breathability of the back panel would be great since it can run a little warm at times, even during the cooler Fall season. I think adding some channels to the back panel could help! 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

Features and Performance

Space, Access, and Organization 

Since each component of the modular system was built for a different use case, they are all well thought out and designed. 

The core pack has 9L of volume with three places to house your daily essentials: the main cavity, a front zippered pocket, and a small hidden pocket on the right side of the back panel. The flexibility of the nylon material allows for the pack to expand as you use the main compartment, letting you comfortably fit whatever you need inside. It also has a semi-clamshell design that opens to a 45-degree angle thanks to the mesh sides, which helps prevent items from falling out if the pack somehow comes unzipped. The mesh components also allow you to easily navigate the main compartment so that you don’t need to spend time searching through a cluttered mess.  

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

As expected, the modules are all made with easy access and efficient space utilization in mind. 

The gym module has a simple duffel-style opening, which I would argue is the easiest access style aside from a tri-zip. It has one compartment space, two expandable water bottle pockets that fit up to a 26oz blender bottle, a separate shoe compartment that fits a pair of size 12 (US) shoes, and an internal drawstring bag to separate your clean and dirty gym items. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

The travel module is made for quick weekend trips. The main compartment is a full clamshell opening that allows for easy packing and access. The inside of the module has an organizational panel, two pockets located behind the organizational panel, an expandable zipper feature, and a drawstring bag inside that is great at preventing your clothes from tumbling out upon opening. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

Finally, the basic module is the simplest of them all; it’s an extra compartment with one pocket built into the inner back. This module has a spacious oval-shaped opening and allows you to pack the inside with whatever you need. You can use pouches or pack in something bulkier like a lunch bag or a sweater. It worked very well as a grocery bag for quick trips to the grocery store as well! With the generous cavity, what you can store is really up to you.

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System

Overall, it seems that Ventir went for a simple yet effective approach to their design and I loved it. The only complaint I have with the modular system is that overfilling the modules causes some expansion into the core pack space, compressing the items and making it a little difficult to retrieve them or put them back into the core pack. I believe that adding a rigid sheet or panel to the back of each module may have worked to prevent this issue from persisting.


The modular system’s comfort varies depending on how heavy your carry is as well as the module you are using. When I fully stuffed the core pack with either the gym or basic module, the backpack worked like a charm and the straps didn’t dig into my chest or shoulders.

That being said, the experience was very different with the travel module attached. As is expected, the travel module expands the storage to the system’s absolute max. I was able to pack enough items for the weekend including some toiletries, a laptop, chargers, clothes, and sweaters. With all the weight, the bag did start to dig into my shoulders unlike with the other modules. If you had to carry this fully loaded travel pack for more than a couple of blocks, it could start to wear on you so there was some concern there.

The only issue that did persist throughout the different carry options was the breathability of the pack. The back panel is very simple but lacks channels for airflow, which can make the pack get hot on your back. 

Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System


The core pack and modules were built with weather resistance in mind. The nylon material protects most of the pack from some light to medium rain and the weatherproof YKK zippers help to further prevent water from seeping into any of the cavities. I took the core pack with the basic module attached on a quick grocery run while there was some light rain out and when I inspected the items they were fully dry and no water had seeped into any part of the core pack or the basic module. I assume that this would stand true with all of the modules as they are built with the same care and materials. Unfortunately, there were no heavy rainstorms in my area during my trial period so I couldn’t determine the weather resistance in more intense weather conditions. 

The Good

  • - Versatile selection of modules 
  • - Bright orange ripstop to improve visibility within the pack 
  • - Durable bag quality 
  • - High-quality hardware (a must with the zipper attachment system) 
  • - Sleek and minimal design choices 

The Not So Good

  • - Lots of zippers when using some of the modules 
  • - Straps were not comfortable when loading up with the travel module 
  • - The back panel is not very breathable 
  • - The elastic mesh within the core pack holding the clamshell together sometimes snags on the zippers


Whipsaw Ventir Modular Backpack System


Ventir’s modular system is through and through a great piece to own for your everyday carry. It is made with quality materials and a well-thought-out design, and the three modules provide versatility that other bags don’t. If you’re someone who wants a variety of carrying options but doesn’t have the budget for multiple bags then this is the perfect bag for you. At a price range of $80-$250, depending on the modules that you’d like, you can get a similar experience to some of my favorite packs such as the Aer Duffel PackAer Travel Pack, and the Remote Equipment Bravo 18. That’s not to say that this bag provides all of the same features as the Aer or Remote Equipment bags, but when you can get a pack that can perform similarly for about half the cost, if not more, then it’s difficult to argue against the great value you get here.  

If you’re interested in snagging Ventir’s modular system you can head over to Ventir’s site. Make sure to also check out their Instagram if you’re interested in learning more about the company, future plans, or other cool stuff they post on there. It has been a blast trying out this innovative product and I’m excited to see what this flourishing bag maker has in store for the future. 

Many thanks to Jonathan Hurtado for the above review.

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