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FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill


FidgetThings x Carryology | One Chill Essential

by , August 8, 2022

We’re excited to announce our newest Carryology Essential: the FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill (CE07).

Our favorite EDC fidget toy in the world, period. A tool hand-lathed in Southern California, USA, by Derek Schuetz. An EDC genius and master of keeping your pockets (and mind) chill, all day, every day. 

The Chill Pill is everything you need to take the edge off and keep your fingers busy. A compact pill-shaped toy, measuring in at 37x20mm, its two magnetic halves pull with awesome force and combine together with the most satisfying audible click. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Roll it around your palm, disengage and re-engage with a flick of the finger, or toss it in the air for the two halves to form like Voltron. It’s the perfect companion and orange-pop for your pocket. And we’ve found it to be the ultimate calming influence on ‘drop day’ – trust us, ha! 

What makes this a special project? Let’s dive in. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Honeycomb Titanium 

Derek makes his Chill Pills in so many different and awesome finishes. What first began as two 3D-printed pieces has now escalated into every metal, acrylic, and finish you can imagine – aluminum, copper, brass, turboglow, ultems – allowing his fans to match their EDC loadouts and mix and match the pill pieces however they like.  

But you know we love Titanium. It’s one of the world’s great materials, tough and light and built to last, so Titanium it would be.


FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

And after testing and playing with all of the variations, we found we wanted grip, no, needed grip. The better the grip the more tricks your Pill can do – a smooth pill was not the way. 

Enter the honeycomb machining. A nod to nature and some of the world’s most fantastic creatures. It reduces weight, lifts its badassery, but more importantly gives you that ever-important purchase when you’re maneuvering your pill around your palm like a demon. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Dual O-Rings

But it turned out, it wasn’t enough. We wanted more grip. And so we asked Derek to do something he’s never done before – make two grooves into the acrylic side for dual rubber O-rings. A softer and more supple grip alternative that would make both pill halves completely perfect. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Orange Acrylic Pop

Being our seventh Essential, we wanted to push our signature black and orange vibe, so you can pair your Essentials together in your daily setup. 

Like the honeycomb Ti partner, the opposing side of the pill would be orange acrylic for pop. Its glassy look gives the aesthetic real zing, and appears like a bright orange bee tail – the ultimate accent.  

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Laser Engraved ‘C’ So We Can Represent

Being so compact is one of the Chill Pill’s strengths, but makes it tricky when it comes to branding. But, you know, we like to rock the Carryology ‘C’ logo with pride. We found the perfect place to laser etch our logo, right at the base, so you can represent loud and proud. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Strong, Badass Magnets

When that click is oh-so important, you need a badass magnet to match. So we selected a N52 Neodymium magnet and added a brass magnet retention plate to make the fidgeting experience A-grade. 

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

Custom Label and Blacked-Out Prescription Bottle

There’s so much to love about the Chill Pill, and its capsule shape is one of them. It’s fun and speaks for itself. But our favorite play on the medical theme is every Chill Pill arrives in the mail in a mock prescription bottle with a ‘medical’ note from FidgetThings. 

So we redesigned the whole bottle to make it ours, and more special. All Black Everything when it comes to the canister. Because #allblackeverythingrules! 


FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill

FidgetThings x Carryology Chill Pill


"Split pill in hand as needed during collab drops. Clack halves for extra relief from F5 fatigue."



Release Article with shop links will go live on Carryology.com on:

Aug 11th, 2PM EST (New York time)

Good luck!


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