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Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 Review

by , January 6, 2021

The Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 blends military inspiration with everyday functionality…

Mystery Ranch is a brand that needs no introduction. Based in Bozeman, Montana, for decades the company has been supplying durable and versatile carry solutions for military, hunting, wildland fire, and any type of customers you can imagine. Mystery Ranch has shaped the outdoor industry and continues to innovate, revisiting existing products and making sure the customers always get the latest and greatest version of their products.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

The hero of today’s article is the updated 2020 version of the Rip Ruck 24. The bag was initially inspired by Special Forces bags (specifically military ALICE ruck) and made ready for any urban mission you can throw at it. The idea with the Rip Ruck was simple. Create a compact daily bag that can push the envelope of organization and access.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

The Rip Ruck is a mid-sized backpack with a 24L capacity. It boasts two separate compartments – one with a suspended laptop sleeve (fits up to 15-inch devices) and a second bigger compartment to store your everyday essentials and even enough clothes for a short overnight trip.

MR laptop storage

The name of the pack cleverly refers to the satisfying opening motion of its pockets. Both front pockets have a paracord loop to pull the pockets open and the top flap can also be opened by ripping. This makes the bag not just very quick to open and access your things but also extremely fun to use. I found it as addictive as my first experience with Fidlock V-Buckles on the Boundary Supply Prima backpack.

Who It Suits

– Anyone who puts access to their contents first. The swiftly opened front pockets and top flap are convenient and fun to use every day, all day.

– Someone looking for an everyday bag with a dedicated laptop compartment.

– Those who enjoy personalization will appreciate the generous Velcro panel on the top flap to attach morale patches.

Rip access

Who It Doesn’t

If not having an external water bottle pocket is a deal-breaker, the Rip Ruck 24 is not the best option. However, to mitigate the lack of a water bottle pocket you can utilize external attachment points thanks to multiple rows of daisy chain.

The 24L version might look small on folks with a larger frame (like myself). Also, the hump on the lumbar section might feel awkward if you are taller than 5’8. Luckily there is also a 32L version of this pack.

Mystery Ranch side view

The Good

Mystery Ranch bags are fabled for extreme comfort and the Rip Ruck 24 is no exception. Nicely padded contoured shoulder straps and an ergonomic back panel make carrying this bag a joy regardless of the load.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

If your focus is EDC and some light travel, the size and capacity of the Rip Ruck 24 is perfect.

The build and durability are great (as to be expected from Mystery Ranch), especially considering the moderate $139 price point.

Access even to a larger laptop is a breeze. Not only because of the generous length of the zipper but thanks to the construction of the bag. The top section of the back panel easily folds so you don’t have to fight the structure of the bag to get the laptop in/out.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

There is a huge Velcro panel in the main compartment of the bag. This can be used for additional personalization or to attach Velcro pouches for extra organization.

Not So Good 

The size of the bag will not work for everyone. Not because of the shape but mainly the construction of the back panel that has lumbar support that will simply not be comfortable for larger people.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24


The Rip Ruck is an excellent compact bag that takes the best aspects of military packs it was inspired by (build, durability and comfort) and seamlessly blends those with modern needs (access and organization). Whether in the wild or in the urban jungle, the Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 offers a lot of bag for $139, assuming you fall within the recommended height parameters.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

This article was written by new contributor, and self-proclaimed bag whisperer, Alexander Dotsenko. You can check out his work here and here.

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