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Drive By

Drive By | Mattt iPad Cover

by , December 16, 2011

Drive By | Mattt iPad Cover

Mattt iPad Cover – Drive By

I was lucky enough to have a prototype of the Mattt.com iPad cover come across my desk a few weeks ago. The timing was pretty sweet, as I had just picked up a new iPad 2 for a short run of meetings up the Eastern Seaboard in Aus. With an eye to keeping my pristine piece of technology mint for as long as possible, I thought I’d take the Matt for a run. The piece is well designed for carrying an iPad (as it should be) and a few other essentials, the side pocket worked well for my moleskin and a couple of pens.

The chief reason you’d grab this cover is protection. To this end the 600 Denier Cordura and interesting pajama pant lining will give complete coverage against scratching, dirt, dust and whatever other filth you put your Apple products near. The material bilayer ends up thick enough to give a little impact resistance, but if bounce protection is what you’re after, you’d be better off running a silicone case.

The Cordura™ is waterproofed, so it will save you from the occasional runaway latte or OJ. The cover is durable, and won’t show any stains; you will have trashed your iPad long before you tear or mark the shell of the Mattt cover.

Drive By | Mattt iPad Cover

Once you have decided you want a cover for scratch and dirt protection, you want to be sure it looks and works OK. While the nude iPad slides in and out easily, I have to say I had a little trouble accessing and stowing my iPad when it also had it’s Apple smart cover on. An easy fix might be to run the zip around the corner ever so slightly so that the zip can open that extra bit wider.

Drive By | Mattt iPad Cover

Style wise, the piece is inoffensive. Black cordura and red YKK zip are maybe a little masculine, but will generally go under the radar. If you are looking for a cover that individualizes your mass produced iPad, this probably isn’t it. In a world of increasing desires for customization and individually you might be better off looking elsewhere. Having said that, this is a pretty well designed cover, not only aesthetically but also functionally.

For more of Mattt designs hit them up at Mattt.com.au or catch him at his Flinders lane studio.

For :

  • 100% handmade in Aus
  • Durability
  • Dirt/ScratchProtection
  • Durable quality materials
  • Light Weight


  • Impact resistance
  • Individuality
Drive By | Mattt iPad Cover
Ed note: We were frothing on how the zip is a single length of spiral that U-turns on one edge. Neat way to finish your zip end Mattt.

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