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Drive By

Drive By | Caseable

by , May 4, 2011
Drive By | Caseable
Second installment in the new category – Drive By – this time we got to have a quick little play with some laptop sleeves from Caseable.
An idea brought to life by German entrepreneurs Marvin Amberg and Klaus Wegener, Caseable launched in the Fall of 2010 with the goal of being the goto site for individuals (and companies) looking to add custom graphics and logos to laptop sleeves. We got lucky enough to have a quick play with their 13 & 15 inch sleeves…
Drive By | Caseable
It’s a simple but ingenious idea, simply visit the website and choose a size (all laptops including netbooks up to 17″ plus the whole Macbook line supported) then between two styles: slim or classic. Then, you get working on the design. While customers are limited to 12 different colored side parts (not really a hindrance if you ask me), there are over 20,000 possible style and color combinations. Caseable is able to print any kind of photo or graphic you want on the sleeve
Drive By | Caseable
We got sent two sleeves, for a 13″ and 15″ MacBook and was impressed with both. The fit and finish was on par with a major brand-name accessories maker we all know and love. The stitching was straight and clean with no frays. They utilize YKK zippers and of course installed protective padding underneath so the tab doesn’t scratch your machine. The outside is a neoprene shell, which is, in my opinion, the perfect material for a sleeve. One minor quibble I have is because of the nature of the material, printed graphics sometimes don’t look the best on it. I would really recommend clean designs with limited colors (think pop art or vector images).
Pretty neat idea for anyone who is looking for some individuality or brands looking for a unique way to promote themselves. Carrying around a laptop is as ubiquitous as a mobile phone these days; why not protect your investment and express a message at the same time?
More images available over at the Caseable Flickr Page.
Drive By | Caseable

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